Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Learn to say " NO" if you don't want to be bullied

Kejadian happened at operation dept
Who involved : Operation + HSE staff
Victim : New staff

Scene 1 :
Operation staff 1 : Danial, your name naik tuk job Kembara, so maybe next friday tentatively you akan onboard
New Staff : Yeke (excitedly, i can see from his face. in age of 21 yrs old dapat keje O&G then baru 3mths keje dh pegi onboard, mau nya tak hepi)
Operation staff 2 : Danial, jgn luper kasik your birth cert tau, we need that. Naik flight nanti perlu birth cert.
New Staff : arkkk. birth cert.. biar btl..
Operation staff 3 : Btl la, if you tak kasik your birth cert, u boleh menyebabkan kapal tak gerak. so better you kasik your birth cert immediately.
Operation staff 1 : Your birth cert ader kat you tak, ke kt kampung

Sume org dah tahan gelak, including me. Fikir logik la.. sejak bler la kalu nk naik flight kna tunjuk birth cert lain la if infant. Then sbb xder birth cert, kapal tak leh jalan.. adoiii merepek la dorang ni... Our plan almost successful until one of us tergelak. adoiii rosak plan..

Camner tak gelak, kalu dh si Danial tue trus kuarkan birth cert deir bag and birth cert dier lak koyak rabak. Danial..danial nasib la ko dok kt operation dept ni

WE (operation staff) still unsatisfied. we planned for other thing, and this one really hilarious and si danial percaya that is the induction for new recruit.. huhuh

Scene 2 :
Danial took his coverall & safety boot

Project Manager : Danial dh amik ko punya coverall and safety boots
New staff : dah
Project Manager : pakai la..aku nk tgk
New staff : akkk.. btul ke saya kna pakai ni kak CT, ke abg hafiz tipu saya lagi ni
Operation staff 2 : Btl la.. yg ni i tak involve, dier project manager U, so u better dgr aper dier ckp
New staff : ok (so dier pn pakai la coverall orange tue)

Then tbe si project manager on the phone plak, bler si danial nk tunjuk coverall kt dier. so di sbbkan segan sbb tak penah org pakai coverall dlm opis, dier pn bkk la coverall and continue do his work.

20 mins later,
Project Manager: Danial dah amik coverall & safety boots
New Staff : ahhh
Project Manager: pakai la.. meh sini aku nk tgk..
New staff : (sambil pakai balik coverall )
Project Manager : Uda ok tak size coverall ni tuk dier.. fit dh kan.. kalu shrink ok lg kan
HSE staff : ok, erhmmm dh muat2 (sambil tahan gelak)

Then i went to surau sbb tak tahan menahan gelak. Actually sume org dok tahan gelak jer and try to be serious. After came back from surau, one of the operation staff told me what happen to Danial.

" After he wore his coverall & safety boots, Project manager asked him to do catwalk for about 20m. Siap ader org amik gambar Danial lagi and dier gayakan coverall tue dgn selamba skali. Then Project Manager asked him to meet HSE Sr Executive. At HSE's room, he need to stretched his hand up and down for few times.This is part of the HSE induction for new recruit, kata HSE Sr Exec tadi dgn muka serious. After finished at HSE room, Danial came back to his place, and everybody buat keje masing2 cam xder aper2 yg berlaku. tapi dlm hati sume gelak terbahak2 kat Danial"

Note : Penah tak korang kena buli or buli budak2 baru camni.. cian nya.. tapi tue la, kalu dah lurus bendul susah gak. Asyik kena buli jer.

Danial we dont meant to hurt you, tapi ini adalah salah satu cara tuk kami di operation dept mengeratkan hubungan kami. Cheers to all...

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