Monday, November 16, 2009

Amirul with his new bed

Its another 5 months away for our unborn baby to arrive, and we thinking of putting Amirul to sleep on his own. I know its still early and can be said too young for his age. All this while he was sleeping with us, sharing the same bed, conquer the half of the bed for himself, angry at me when i put blanket on him and hug me. And tibe2 me terlebih emo lak bler smlm Amirul tido sdn.

Until now, me & Mr Hubby still accompany Amirul to bed. Its a routine which both me & Mr Hubby will lie down with him until he's sleeping soundly (sometimes mummy daddy yg sleep dulu) or hug him or he will sleep on my shoulder. Sometimes its takes 1hour for him to fall asleep. susahkan??? Semalam lagi susah nk tido sbb : 1- Sleep on new bed, 2 - Sleep separately from mummy daddy

Here is what i did to make him comfortable with his new sleep environment:
  • Use pillow as bed rail to prevent him from rolling out of bed
  • Lie down with him until he fall asleep
  • Checked on him frequently
  • Prepare a bottle of milk + plain water next to his pillow
Here is the article on toddler age 18 - 24 months sleep habit
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  1. Macam pernah ku lihat bedsheet amirul tu...tapi di mana ya?

    Hah! Kat katil Iqbal la... hehehe...

    Iqbal pun ada katil sendiri kat bilik sendiri tapi tak pernah pun tidur kat situ. Dia & imran prefer tidur di toto sebelah katil kitorang.

    Bagusla kalau amirul dah boleh tidur sendiri. Mungkin bila ada adik nanti, kenalah daddy tidur ngan dia dulu sbb si abang ni akan jadi over emotional bila baby nanti. Lagi2 tengok mummy tidur dgn baby

  2. Huuhuh tue bedsheet mama yg kasik. Mama tak nk gaduh2 berebut pattern kan, beli yg same.. huhuhu..

    Lani pn Amirul mmg tido ngn daddy dier , jarang ngn Huda dah.


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