Monday, November 30, 2009

Amirul's scribbles skill

Amirul and cousins. The youngest among all but almost the same size

Amirul concentrating doing his artwork

Mom-in-law said, to develop Amirul's writing skill, I need to teach him/encourage him/support him and always accompany him writing somethings. sikit demi sedikit his scribbles will become proper hand writing.

How do I help Amirul learn to write
  • From pen, i'll give him crayon together with pencil-case.
  • From FP Doodle pro, I'll give him drawing pad and kertas mahjung - lani house's wall pun almost jadi mangsa drawing paper Amirul.. ishhhhyuhhhh
  • Teach him to grasp his crayon correctly
  • Lets him scribble whatever things he wanted to, soon will teach him recognize the colors, arts and writing properly
  • Appreciate his artwork and I will kiss or compliment him everytime he show his artwork
You can read tips on helping toddler learn to write from here and here
For more details on writing milestones, do click here

Note : MIL suggested me to paint my house with Nippon Spot-less paint .. so that if Amirul conteng2, i can easily erase it.. aduhai.. and MIL also suggested me to provide one corner for Amirul to conteng2. ala2 mural gitu

Note : Hopefully Amirul will inherit daddy's art skills. (Mr Hubby pernah ckp yg dier dulu nak jd pelukis.. huhuhuh)

Daddy's artworks

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Before and After

Currently both me and Mr Hubby in house-deco mode and since last 2 weeks, we did some new arrangement for our house interior design and our small house looked bigger and spacious.

Its all started when both of us decided to buy single bed for Amirul. In order to have space for Amirul's bed, we need to moved our wardrobe to 2nd room. Then, me and Mr Hubby decided to have some 'touch up' to our house.

We moved our fridge into 3rd room and and dining table took fridge place. Mr Hubby bought table for his work station and replace 14" TV to 32" TV, Amirul's single bed beside our bed and for our storage. We decorated our wall with our family photo and now we are looking for wall mirror to make-over our empty wall.

Our house 's interior arrangement and deco

My house interior arrangement

Fridge in 3rd room

Bedroom arrangement

Storage arrangement. Before - Things on the floor, After - Things on stack

Tudung arrangement

This is our dining table's chair. Tak der la sakit bontot..

Lastly, presenting my new cookware.. tak berkait pn..xper la nk tunjuk gak..This Tefal cookware, i bought from Tefal warehouse sale. So cheap and very worth for very cent. :D

Quote from Mr Hubby " semoga Huda rajin masak & jgn mls2 dah. no more alasan ok"
Alamak camner ni kalu tbe2 termalas..

Friday, November 27, 2009

My pregnancy diary : 15 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 15 weeks pregnant
  • I started to feel the baby moving since 12th week pregnant and this time around i can feel more obviously. He/she doing somersault in there. Happy aerobic baby !!!
  • I get my hair cut and my facial done. This pregnancy really give me acne problem (esp forehead area)
  • I can see my tummy getting bigger. Tummy not uterus (i think bcoz the uturus is pushing up my tummy, what a accuse)
  • I loves cooking.. (sungguh luar biasa bagiku yg mmg malas masak ni)
  • I'll do house chaos actively and 2 minutes lates, felt breathless.. huhuh
  • I hate frequent toilet trips. It like i cant drink water at all
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To know your baby development, click here

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"ME" time

Amirul tido ngn lenanya

Daddy suka temankan Amirul sleep

When this little boy sleep soundly and daddy either sleep or having his pleasure time, me can have "me" time peacefully. This is what I did last Sunday,
  • Do housework like mengemas, membersih, menyapu dan sewaktu dgnnya
  • Facebooking
  • Twittering
  • Blogging
  • Mencari resipi (me love cooking recently, sungguh luarbiasa)

Menu for the day : ikut selera tekak mummy yer, makan without question asked.
  • Daging rebus cicah air asam - recipe from here
  • Ikan bilis + tempe goreng cili padi - recipe from here - me ada la tokok tambah seperti ltk tempe
  • Ayam masak merah (pedas amat) - This one no recipe needed, i dah expert.. huhu
  • Homemade kebab for dinner - recipe from - I'd used daging burger and potong2 kecik. janji sedap and Mr Hubby makan dgn banyaknya.
Note : This menu is for our lunch on Sunday and lunch box for monday. masak dgn banyaknya. huhuhu

My lunch box

Saturday, November 21, 2009

If You Happy, You Clap Your Hand..


1 cup of milk for me, and for my unborn baby..Glurp.. glurp

Milk.. for certain of people its like vomiting or drinking steal dairy products or drink that must to avoid. However as for me, its not a big deal. I can drink milk like drinking plain water.. glurp.. glurp.. or can i describe as slurrppppppp. I love milk.

Normally i will stock up at least 2 boxes of milk (low fat/strawberry/chocolate) in my fridge. Besides milk for my calcium supply, i add my calcium intake with 1 tablet of calcium during this pregnancy. This to avoid insufficiency of calcium in my body that cause my leg's cramp during Amirul's time.

Mamil Gold and Amway calcium tablets

Calcium is vital for our body and during pregnancy its double. Insufficient of calcium during pregnancy may impair mummies health when baby leach it from mummy's bones. Why calcium is important to mummy ???
  • Building up baby's bones & teeth
  • Develop normal heart rhythm
  • Develop blood clotting abilities
Where is calcium from????
  • Milk
  • dark green leafy vegatables (salad green, broccoli, spinach)
  • Sardines
  • Cheese/Dairy products
More info on calcium, please click here
To answer you inquiry on calcium intake during pregnancy, please click here and here

Lets drink milk

Slurpppp.. Finished

Friday, November 20, 2009

My pregnancy diary : 14 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 14 weeks pregnant
  • Nothing much change for this week except for my mood swing (easily get angry, I know its not good for me & baby, however its beyond my control)

Thanks to Mr Goggle for the photo
  • My uterus obviously can be seen
  • I can do most of housework but i find myself breathless and tired within minutes.
  • Having minor acne problem.. (arggggg help me)
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  2. Here is your how your baby develop at 14 weeks in you womb.
  3. To know more on mood swing during pregnancy, you may click here.
  4. Here is article on pregnancy at 14 weeks

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Macy Clerance Sales

We went to Macy Annual Warehouse Clearance. Words can describe the sale :
  • Super crowded

Macam semut hurung gula tau crowd kt sale ni
  • Super bargain

This is actually not super bargain, there was Rm 1super garb which i forgot to take the photo
  • Super long Q

I needed to Q for almost 40mins to pay RM163 only.. arggggg
  • Super tired

Look at the little boy. Sampai tertido la.. Penat

Nothing much i bought from there just :

RM 5 - Bekas dier cantik, dat y me bought this

Rm4.90 - floor mat - me bought sbb murah

RM 39 - Beanie Bag

Monday, November 16, 2009

Amirul with his new bed

Its another 5 months away for our unborn baby to arrive, and we thinking of putting Amirul to sleep on his own. I know its still early and can be said too young for his age. All this while he was sleeping with us, sharing the same bed, conquer the half of the bed for himself, angry at me when i put blanket on him and hug me. And tibe2 me terlebih emo lak bler smlm Amirul tido sdn.

Until now, me & Mr Hubby still accompany Amirul to bed. Its a routine which both me & Mr Hubby will lie down with him until he's sleeping soundly (sometimes mummy daddy yg sleep dulu) or hug him or he will sleep on my shoulder. Sometimes its takes 1hour for him to fall asleep. susahkan??? Semalam lagi susah nk tido sbb : 1- Sleep on new bed, 2 - Sleep separately from mummy daddy

Here is what i did to make him comfortable with his new sleep environment:
  • Use pillow as bed rail to prevent him from rolling out of bed
  • Lie down with him until he fall asleep
  • Checked on him frequently
  • Prepare a bottle of milk + plain water next to his pillow
Here is the article on toddler age 18 - 24 months sleep habit
Participate in this poll on toddle sleep time
More topic sleep pattern on BabyCentre

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amirul's most watch movie for 2009

Do they look same??? Muka bulat, fair skin, big mouth, sharing the same height..huhuh. Amirul's fave movie aka The Most Watched Movie for 2009. He loves this movie so much and never get bored when watching it and it a must watch movie when i come back from office. Fuhhhh

Some of the dialog , me almost terhafal sbb jd narrotor tuk Amirul.. As long he is enjoy and learn something from this movie, i dont mind to be narrator and watch the same movie for 1000x times.

Comment taken from Mr Hubby's facebook

Friday, November 13, 2009

My pregnancy diary : 13 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 13 week pregnant
  • Yeay now im in 2nd trimester..
  • Sometimes difficult to fall asleep. Recently i need to hug small bolster that use to be Amirul's bolster to ease my sleep disorder.
  • Increase trips to toilet day & nite (i hate this)
  • I had new eating pattern. (2pcs bread for breakfast, biscuits/kuih @10am, rice for lunch, biscuit/kuih @3pm, homemade burger/sausage/egg benjo for dinner, 1 glass of milk before sleep)
To know how your life's changing at 13 weeks pregnant in general, click here and here.
and to know you baby development for this week,do click here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Macy Annual Warehouse Clearance

Sale.. Sale..Sale.. Time to spend your money wisely. Macy Annual Warehouse Clearance will organizing clearance sales from 12th - 15th Nov 2009. Its tomorrow..Sale up to 90%.. Wowwww, my money sure running like water.. opssss

Discounted Items :
  • Sofa
  • Dining
  • Bedding
  • Home Textiles
  • Housewares
  • Deco..
  • etc
Beside sale, they also have lucky draw, happy hour and F&B stalls. And you could win yourself LG32" TV. Dont miss this super sale !!!

Click below banner for more details on this clearance sale

Note : Macy sale ni sgt2 la crowded, so di advice jgn bawak anak2 kecik sbb nanti tak leh concentrate tuk pilih brg. Selamat soping

Recommended Vitamins for Pregnant Moms

I went to KKM Bangi for my 12th weeks pregnant checkup last week and they had give me multiple of vitamins to eat. One of the reason that, my Hb not showing good reading. They gave me Folic acid, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C and Ferromed (Fe).

Folic Acid
What is Folic Acid ?
  • Also called Vitamin B9 or folate
What is the benefits of it ?
  • Important in producing healthy red blood cells
  • Prevent anemia
  • Prevent neural tube birth defects, such as spina bifida
What are the best food sources ??
  • Green leafy (spinach,lettuces
  • Liver
  • Lentils
  • Oatmeals
Various infos on folic acid :
  • More details on folic acid, please click here
  • Why we need Folic acid, please click here and here
  • You can have a quiz on folic acid by click here
Vitamin B Complex
What is Vitamin B complex
  • Combination of 8 vitamins B (B1, B2, B3,B5,B6,B7,B9,B12)
What is the benefits of it
  • Support and increase the rate of metabolism
  • Maintain healthy skin and muscle tone
  • Enhance immune and nervous system function
  • Help prevent anemia.
  • Reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer
What are the best food sources ??
  • Meat
  • Potatoes
  • Banana
For more info on Vitamin B Complex, click here

Ascorbic Acid (Vit C)

What is Ascorbic Aicd
  • Also called as Vitamin C
What is the benefits of it
  • Essential for tissue repair and collagen production.
  • Aids proper growth and strengthens bones and teeth.
What are the best foods sources
  • Guava
  • Blackcurrent
  • Apple
More info on Vitamin C, click here

Ferromed (Fe) / Iron

What is Vitamin Ferromed/ iron
  • Also called as Iron
What is the benefits of it
  • Makes red blood cells
  • Supplies oxygen to cells for energy and growth
  • Builds bones and teeth.
What are the best foods sources
  • Beef
  • Green bean
More info on iron deficiency, please click here.

For more info on what nutrient that you need through out you pregnancy, please click here
and thinking of what antenatal supplement you should by, please click here

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Relocation Crazy Clearance Sale @ Fabulous Mom

I just received an email Fabulous Mom and thinking of sharing this fabulous info with mummies out there.

They are moving to new outlet in Bandar Puchung Jaya, and 4days 'Relocation Crazy Clearance Sale' is the sale that you are looking for . Come and join this crazy sale!!!!

"Relocation Crazy Clearance Sale"

From 12-15 November (Thursday to Sunday)
Sale will be in TTDI and Puchong. (showroom address, click here)
Puchong: 10am - 6pm (Tel: 03-80765262) TTDI: 10am - 9pm (Tel: 03-77296088)

Discounted Items
  • Fabulous Mom - ALL from 30%, up to 70% (Read: It's ALL!)
  • My Lovely Closet - ALL from 30%, up to 70% (Also ALL!)
  • Fabulous Mom Eunice Bra - RM10 per piece
  • Petti Skirts - 30%
  • Washable Bra Pads - RM5 per Pair
  • Joy Angel Milk Storage Bags & Nursing Tea - 15%
  • Nuby Cups/Bottles - 20%
  • Maternity Blouses/Pants - RM15
  • Mom's Precious, Mamivac, Nurture Pure, Evenflo, Munchkin - 15%
  • Mama Patch - 15%
  • All Breastpumps - 15%
Storewide Discount 15% and more....

Click here, for more info

My pregnancy diary : 12 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 12 weeks pregnant
  • Now I just entering 12 weeks of pregnancy and its mean almost end of 1st trimester
  • Sometimes i feel my breast engorge, do my mammary glands starting to produce milk???
  • I feel myself heavy, arkkddjsh do i look so fat???

    Zoom Out - Tummy and uterus getting bigger

    Zoom In

  • The weird thing happened, acne appeared on my back.. lucky on my back not face.. Is this one of the hormonal instability effect.
  • Sometimes i can feel like baby is moving, is he/she move this early???
For more detail on 12 weeks pregnant, you either click here or here.
and you can check you baby development here at Baby centre by click here.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Craving for seafood

Craving.. AGAIN.. ohhh a big NO-No to Mr Hubby however as usually he will try his best to full fill it. A big HUG to Mr Hubby. :D

I crave for this :

Ikan kerapu masak 3 rasa

Telor bistik

Kailan ikan masin

Tom Yam

Note : Thanks to Mr Googles for all the photo. Ia telah membuat air liur saya meleleh

Note to Mr Hubby : Jom la yayang kiter makan makanan kat ats ni, asyik western jer, tak elok la. yang ni cukup sume vitamin dlm piramid makanan. BB pn sihat, huda pn shat, yayang pn bertambah2 sht

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Learn to say " NO" if you don't want to be bullied

Kejadian happened at operation dept
Who involved : Operation + HSE staff
Victim : New staff

Scene 1 :
Operation staff 1 : Danial, your name naik tuk job Kembara, so maybe next friday tentatively you akan onboard
New Staff : Yeke (excitedly, i can see from his face. in age of 21 yrs old dapat keje O&G then baru 3mths keje dh pegi onboard, mau nya tak hepi)
Operation staff 2 : Danial, jgn luper kasik your birth cert tau, we need that. Naik flight nanti perlu birth cert.
New Staff : arkkk. birth cert.. biar btl..
Operation staff 3 : Btl la, if you tak kasik your birth cert, u boleh menyebabkan kapal tak gerak. so better you kasik your birth cert immediately.
Operation staff 1 : Your birth cert ader kat you tak, ke kt kampung

Sume org dah tahan gelak, including me. Fikir logik la.. sejak bler la kalu nk naik flight kna tunjuk birth cert lain la if infant. Then sbb xder birth cert, kapal tak leh jalan.. adoiii merepek la dorang ni... Our plan almost successful until one of us tergelak. adoiii rosak plan..

Camner tak gelak, kalu dh si Danial tue trus kuarkan birth cert deir bag and birth cert dier lak koyak rabak. Danial..danial nasib la ko dok kt operation dept ni

WE (operation staff) still unsatisfied. we planned for other thing, and this one really hilarious and si danial percaya that is the induction for new recruit.. huhuh

Scene 2 :
Danial took his coverall & safety boot

Project Manager : Danial dh amik ko punya coverall and safety boots
New staff : dah
Project Manager : pakai la..aku nk tgk
New staff : akkk.. btul ke saya kna pakai ni kak CT, ke abg hafiz tipu saya lagi ni
Operation staff 2 : Btl la.. yg ni i tak involve, dier project manager U, so u better dgr aper dier ckp
New staff : ok (so dier pn pakai la coverall orange tue)

Then tbe si project manager on the phone plak, bler si danial nk tunjuk coverall kt dier. so di sbbkan segan sbb tak penah org pakai coverall dlm opis, dier pn bkk la coverall and continue do his work.

20 mins later,
Project Manager: Danial dah amik coverall & safety boots
New Staff : ahhh
Project Manager: pakai la.. meh sini aku nk tgk..
New staff : (sambil pakai balik coverall )
Project Manager : Uda ok tak size coverall ni tuk dier.. fit dh kan.. kalu shrink ok lg kan
HSE staff : ok, erhmmm dh muat2 (sambil tahan gelak)

Then i went to surau sbb tak tahan menahan gelak. Actually sume org dok tahan gelak jer and try to be serious. After came back from surau, one of the operation staff told me what happen to Danial.

" After he wore his coverall & safety boots, Project manager asked him to do catwalk for about 20m. Siap ader org amik gambar Danial lagi and dier gayakan coverall tue dgn selamba skali. Then Project Manager asked him to meet HSE Sr Executive. At HSE's room, he need to stretched his hand up and down for few times.This is part of the HSE induction for new recruit, kata HSE Sr Exec tadi dgn muka serious. After finished at HSE room, Danial came back to his place, and everybody buat keje masing2 cam xder aper2 yg berlaku. tapi dlm hati sume gelak terbahak2 kat Danial"

Note : Penah tak korang kena buli or buli budak2 baru camni.. cian nya.. tapi tue la, kalu dah lurus bendul susah gak. Asyik kena buli jer.

Danial we dont meant to hurt you, tapi ini adalah salah satu cara tuk kami di operation dept mengeratkan hubungan kami. Cheers to all...

Monday, November 2, 2009

My pregnancy diary : 11 weeks pregnant

How do my life's changing at 11 week pregnant
  • More energetic, (sudah rajin tuk memasak)
  • No more craving, however i still love mangga
  • No more heartburn, can control myself eating in balance. huhuh
  • Amirul sudah tidak sayang mummy.. sobsobsob.. I think he knew baby existence
  • Sometimes mood swing (thanks to Mr Hubby for being so patience with this preggy mummy)
  • My uterus getting bigger and sudah kelihatan dgn jelasnya if im wearing certain clothes
To read more on 11th weeks pregnant, please click here
and to know your baby development for this week please click here

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