Friday, October 16, 2009

When Amirul at nursery/daycare, i feel sad ...

Last Syawal had changed ibu Amirul's family life. His ayah had crashed in car accident and cause his left leg need to be amputated. Its really sad for their family and also for me as i need to find new baby sitter or nursery/daycare.. Its never in my planned to send Amirul to nursery as early as 19months old.

Its already 3 weeks i sent Amirul to daycare/nursery. Every time i send or fetch him to/from daycare, he will cry. This is what we call separation anxiety. Its really touch my mother instinct..ohhhh aku tak sanggup melihat Amirul menangis seperti si pekan Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup.. Mata merah, hidung merah, hingus meleleh.. cam clown lak aku rase..

However, this is what i need to face for this months. Sending Amirul to nursery/daycare and hati yg penuh terbuka eventho deep down in my heart, i really worry about his safety, welfare, happiness.. ohh suma la..

From my observations after 3 weeks Amirul at nursery/daycare:
  • He a little bit stubborn (ni yg paling obvious)
  • Sometimes suka memberontak like, if we call him, he just ignore us
  • Dah pandai dancing, kl nk bc doa tadah tangan,
  • Slalu lapar n if balik jer mesti meragam n immediately dier kan amik his milk bottle asked me to make his milk.
  • Still tak nk cakap, just few words
  • Still crying every time i send/fetch him to/from nursery
  • Sleep early (maybe he played a lot and get tired)
and ini adalah the latest photos Amirul.

Amirul yg kelaparan - Mummy sungguh sedih & terkejut melihat Amirul kelaparan camni..

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  1. sama la cam ank saya. saya br je htr ank sy ke nurseri almost 2 month, begitu la perangai.sgt menguji kesabaran. sy igtkn ank sy je cmtu.hmm..

  2. ni la dilemma bler kiter keje, at the same time tak sampai hati nk hantar BB ke nursery.. nk cr BB sitter bkn sng


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