Thursday, October 22, 2009

My pregnancy diary : 10 weeks pregnant

How my life's changing at 10 pregnant
  • I can feel my uterus getting bigger - im wearing my maternity pants already.. huhu
  • Frequent to toilet day & night

Yesterday, i had my 1st pregnancy check up at Klinik Kesihatan Bangi. My conversations with some of the nurses there :

Scene 1 (waiting for my name to be called after siap isi my buku merah)
Nurse : Nurulhuda Hassan
Me : Jln ke tempat yg dipanggil.
Nurse : La. awak ke. 2nd baby kan.
Me : Ha'ahh. dlm hati, aik dier ni igt lg ker muka aku.. tak kisah la

Scene 2 (dlm bilik nurse)
Nurse 1 : Nurulhuda Hassan
Me : ye saya
Nurse 2 : sambil tgk muka ku, eh huda ko mengandung lagi
Me : Ha'ah (dlm hati, aik nurse ni pn igt lg muka aku..)
Nurse 1 : yela mengadung la. dah xder keje nak wat
Me : diam jer.. haihh salah ker.. Anak 1st saya dh 20bln, ok la kalu saya pregnant lg. lgpn saya mmg nk pregnant.. ishhh dorang ni mcm2 la..

Note : glamor sgt ke aku ni kt klinik bangi. Ishhh

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