Sunday, October 18, 2009

My breastfeeding Wishlist & budget

Breastfeeding Gadgets Wishlist & Budgets If i buy separately :
  • Breast pump - Spectra 3 (RM388) / Harmony Manual breast pump (RM 269)

Spectra 3

Harmony Manual Breast Pump from Medela
  • Cooler Bag - Stylo Mama cooler bag (RM65.90)

    Stylo Mama Cooler Bag

  • Ice packs - Mom Precious (RM28/3packs)

  • EBM storage bottle - Mom Precious / any PP bottles

Mom Precious Breastmilk Storage & Feeding set RM39
  • Breast shield/set - RM 30/RM63

Breast Shield
  • Nursing bra - Fabulous Mom (RM 10/RM15) - 5pcs

Fabulous Mom - RM 10 / RM 15
  • Re-usable breast pad
Or buy Breast pump package value :

  • Spectra 3 Working Mama Set from SaraKids RM 610

Same price but every package come with different offer..
  • Sterilizer - Sudah ada
  • Bottle Warmer - Sudah ada
  • Attending lactation class - Mar 2010
Note : I wish Mr Hubby 'understand' after read this post.. huhuh Amin


  1. owh..sudah terang lagi bersuluh,,,pastilah dia faham...ehehehe

  2. kenkadang Mr Hubby suka buat2 tak paham..tue yg ssh tue.. huhuhu

  3. salam huda

    a ah ajasu tu online shop punya owner

    dia bagus, kontekla dia hehe

  4. I'm using Ameda personal breastpump. Iva beli pun sebab I used it in the hospital and rasa best. I seriously didn't know which or what pump to buy at first. It's good that u are buying it beforehand. If only someone told me to buy it before giving birth. But Iva tak beli all other gadgets because Khairaldin breastfeed straight from the breast. I only use the pump bila engorged and the milk tak simpan pun sebab he hates bottle! hehehe Iva pun tak tau sgt about breastfeeding gadgets ni coz Alhamdulillah I get to feed him straight since I'm not working.

    Ps: I adore your determination! Bukan senang nak BF + work!! All the best!

  5. sy pn cr yg manual pump dok pening nak beli yg avent ke 2 2 agak mahal..huhu..kena fikir pjg gak ni..huhu...

  6. Maria : Huda pnh guna Medela symphony yg SIL punya. mmg bgus and elok.. harga nya pun xder la mahal sgt kalu tak silap rm RM269 kalu beli ngn ajsu


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