Thursday, October 15, 2009

I want to breastfeed my coming soon baby and this is what i plan for

I had planned to breastfeed my coming soon baby. I managed to breastfeed Amirul for 5months and he refused to drink my milk. 5months with my milk at night and formula milk during day time. Either that the side effect of taking Yasmin as my contraceptive pill or Amirul himself refuse to drink my milk or he loves formula milk more. So for this coming soon baby, i really want to breastfeed he/she fully with my milk at least 6month.

This is a big investment for me and normally if this kind of investment are required agreement from both side (me and Mr Hubby) .

Here my email to Mr Hubby,

And this is what Mr Hubby replied,

Mr Hubby agreed with my proposal and its time for me to get more related infos on breastfeeding; breast pump selections, lactation consultation, breast pump gadgets, foods to increase milk productions, mental & physical preparation, baby sitter willingness, etc. fuhhh many things come across my mind.

Note : Huda kuatkan semangat. Susu ibu adalah the best nutrition. ok start digging infos on breastfeeding and yg sewaktu dgnnya.

Mummy out there, please share your experiences on exclusive breastfeeding with me. thanks


  1. salam huda..
    congratezz dh psg niat nk BF bby..byk2 cari ilmu BF nie...BF is not xde lar susah mane pun.. u leh tgk my xperince jd BF-ibu selama 2 thn 6 bln++ kt sini:

    my hubby bought a full set Spectra 3 worth rm500++.. tp mmg b'baloi2 coz jimat x pyh beli formula milk smpi skg..

    anythg u tnye psl BF, dunt hesitate to ask me hokeyy.. besides, u leh join forum BF-mommies kt sini:

  2. bgs huda nk BF baby..nanti i fwd artikel psl BF..pls email me your email address.
    my email:

  3. e-car : thanks for support, nanti huda bc

    mama tisya : huda dh email, nanti reply yer

  4. Hey Kak Huda!!

    Iva here. Congratulations on the pregnancyyy! SO happy for you. Anyway, I can't give you any advise about BF coz Iva pun baru BF for 4 months. hehehe Wishing you all the best & enjoy ur pregnancy!

  5. huda...congrates 4 ur 2nd pregnency.... ila percaya huda boleh... ila pun alhamdulillah dah 6bln berjaya susukan Irfan... byk cabaran tp insyaallah kita boleh... bykkan bc info pasal bf ni... byk bantu

  6. ila

    thanks, 2 la, rsau gak takut tak leh nk breastfeed 2nd BB ni exclusively. tp bler tgk ramai geng2 1st time mummy dok pumping, rasenya boleh kot,insya Allah

  7. comelnya proposal kat suami tu..mmg breastpump agak mahal kan..takpe kalau dah ada simpanan skit2..lama2 jadi bukit..maria pun ingat nak bf bay selama yg boleh..ada pil yg blh kurgkan susu ek..pil ape tu ek..apepun gud luck..jom cr ilmu bf sama2..

  8. Maria : huhuh, kena kasik proposal baru dapat approval.. uhuksss. 2 la , mmg dh start saving skit2 pun, so rase nya dlm bln apr nanti, boleh la bli. plan nk beli medela or ameda.. tp tgk budget cukup tak by apr nanti

    Huda amik Yasmin tuk birth control. maybe side effect from that gak susu huda kurang. nth la,, tak bper sure


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