Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How mummy can make money without interrupting daily chores

Make money on the Internet is an easy thing especially for mothers which have free time at home. Sometimes, mums want to help their beloved hubby to bring home some money in order to make a life better.

Kambingbujang here to suggest some income sources which moms can do it without interrupting daily chores. Forget MLM business; It's an obsolete business.

go Etsy - Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade

Etsy is the best recommendation business for mothers who want generate money at home because this website support mothers who like sew own clothes, sock, and dresses.
Etsy is a website that helps promote handmade items. Easy to navigate with this e-commerce website is the reason why thousand of new visitors turn into loyal customer.

For mothers who are good at making handmade items, I will teach mothers how to make their own online store for free. Just email me or put a comment.

Ebay all the way.

I do not need to tell mothers about ebay here. Lets make it simple. If mums got hot items, IT savvy, and other essential entrepreneur skill, a mother is able to generate money like project manager at a company.

Lelong.com.my - Do support our local auction

This website is much the same as ebay, only limited to market in Malaysia. Despite the option button shows "selling worldwide", it is believed that there is no international transactions occur in this auction. Try our local market first at lelong.com.my before you fly international.


If mothers good at writing, I suggest websites like Shvoong, eHow and Associated Content. There are many websites that can trigger money through writing but they are not significant as the three websites I mentioned above.

Design with Cafepress.com

Mothers who are familiar with Photoshop or other image editor, have creativity in designing clothes , mug, and postcard; Cafepress.com is a very suitable place with mothers who have a developed creativity in design.This is an opportunity to get a lucrative source of passive income.

Go Blog

Writing blog is the easiest option for mothers find alternative financial resources . If mothers have a writing style that persuades, provocative, controversial, funny, and informative, I guarantee the money will come in so much that you can hire two orang gaji at a time. See popular blog providers like
wordpress.com, blogger.com, and typepad.com
Only here until I can rack my brain thinking about how can mummy generate money through the Internet.

If you have any idea how mothers want to generate money without disrupt work home, please give your comment. Email me if you want to learn to earn money over the net : filtuse@gmail.com / kambing_bujang@yahoo.com


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  2. Making money on the internet can be tough at times. It really takes some time to learn all of the ins and outs of how to make money online. Many people don't take the time to learn these things and expect that if you just throw something up that you will somehow make money. You really need to spend the time learning the how.

    Blastoff will be going nationwide at the end of October. So far there system seems pretty good. Best part is its free. I did a write up on it if you're interested. Just click the link above.


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