Wednesday, October 7, 2009

30 days of endless joy

This year we celebrating Aidilfitri at Mr Hubby's side. Kg Teras Jernang, Bangi, 20 minutes from my house yet we still having a lot of fun. We went back 'kg' a night before raya. To make it more like balik kg, i've packed our luggage like traveling back to Kelantan and we reached at MIL's house @11pm.. Macam blk kg.. bertolak pagi sampai malam.. huhu. This year, me and K.ifa family will celebrate Aidilfitri here including Nurul & Jabar plus mama & Abah.

Its a tradition at Mr Hubby's house area to do takbir raya from house to house. After Isyak prayer, org kampung akan bertakbir raya. After that bunga api time.. huhuh. Amirul so excited playing bunga api eventho this is 1st time. Its a tiring day actually bcoz early morning i need to help MIL preparing Aidilfitri's meals. Then served for berbuka and orang kg yg dtg tuk bertakbir raya.. then need to washed all the dirty dishes.. Fuhhgg

Early morning, when everybody went to the mosque for Aidilfitri prayer, me and Amirul get ready and tadaaaa..

Amirul sudah handsome with purple baju melayu and sampin. and mummy sudah cun with purple baju kurung moden.

Bler semayang pn sudah, makan pn sudah, acara meminta maaf and kasik duit raya la plak..

Since most of our relatives went back to Kedah(Mr Hubby kg), and we also did not have much plan, my MIL suggested us to have car wash day. Overall me, Mr Hubby, FIL, MIL and Nurul including Amirul washed 5 cars. Can you imagined, how exhausted we were after washing all those cars. The last time my car & Mr Hubby's car been washed is in June.. huhu. White colour saga turned to greyish colour.. heheheheh

Lets wash the cars

and when work started, every weekend full with open house.. food fiesta had begun.. opsss its not good for health, but its also not good if you do not attend those invitation.. No photo during open house as i really enjoyed the foods instead of taking photos..

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