Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tips on how to be frugal on your baby's necessity

What is frugal mean ??? According to Wikipedia, frugal mean the practice of acquiring goods and services in a restrained manner, whilst frugality mean avoiding or reduction of waste.

What is baby's necessity : Things that essential for baby's need, not things that fpr your baby's want. Eg: baby clothes, baby nappies, blanket, booties+mitten is things that essential for baby. While baby car seat, baby bouncer, breast pump, etc is things that you baby's want that if, you do not buying those items, your baby still has a healthy life.

The question is,how are we going to be frugal on our baby's necessity ? A simple question that I find it hard to answer. We love our kids so much and we tend to buy/give everything to them and yet we have a very limited, short of money that put us on hold.

I found few tips at Baby Centre about being frugal on baby's necessity and may useful for us. Click here for tips on buying 2nd hand items and click here for tips on buying baby items if you are in budget. Lastly, click here if you need to know what your baby need.

Here is my tips on being frugal on Amirul's necessity:
  • Buy 2nd hand items - This also depend on which items you talk about. Eg :clothes, milk bottles,teat is acceptable if you buy new one since this is for daily use. However if toys, i would prefer to buy 2nd hand items as Amirul wont use it daily and I tend to buy new toys like every month to promote his new skills. Few web store selling baby items online like: Little Whiz , My BB Store, Ebay.
  • Borrow from your relatives - In my case, SIL lend me baby cot & baby bouncer. My sister lend me kain barut, and few more items
  • If you insist to buy new items, buy branded items or trusted brand like Avent, NUK, Fisher Price, or Playskool. They can last long, and can be passed to other siblings. It can save you  money in future. I've paid RM 179 for Amirul's V-tech Sit-to-stand activity walker and can be used up to 3years old.
  • or buy new items but budget brand: eg : Tesco ( I did buy few toys from Tesco brand and yet still in good condition even tho Amirul throw it few times on floor )
  • Buy during sale - I love sale so much and quite a number of Amirul items i bought during sale.
  • Mixing and matching old and new items.
What's your tips on be frugal on your baby's necessity. Do share here so that everybody can save some money and buy other things or maybe you can share you fave online store here.

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