Monday, September 7, 2009

Participants List for Jom Memasak Bersama.. Contest

Actually i just arrived from my hometown (Kelantan) this morning and still in holiday mode. :D .. However i need to prepared this participants list, so with lazy mode here is the participants list for Jom Memasak Bersama... Contest. :P
Please checked this list,and if anybody who participated but not listed here, kindly inform me. TQ

  1. Creamy Fruit Salad by Shaparin
  2. Daging Masak Kicap Lada Hitam by Asmieyra
  3. Ikan Pekasam Perlis Goreng ala Meila77
  4. Puding Roti Berkismis by Erin
  5. Salad by Fiza Nordin
  6. Spaghetti Alfredo by Mama Qaseh
  7. Puding Gula Hangus by Ibu Mifzal
  8. Donut by Chekuna
  9. Kek Kukus Coklat by Aslindaa
  10. Nasi Beriani by Suzie
  11. Nasi Goreng Kentang by Ibu Ayra
  12. Ayam Panggang Citarasaku by AyuArjuna
  13. Bread & Butter Puding by Ummi
  14. Bubur Labuk Bernas by Delimasari
  15. Ais Krim Goreng by Farah
  16. Roasted Chiken by Ms Aireen
  17. Agar-agar Laici by Defina
  18. Garlic Prown by Lena
  19. Siakap Goreng Sweet Sour by Leeza
  20. Kuih Cek Mek by SitiSifir10
  21. Oreo Cheese Cake by MamaTisya
  22. Nasi Ulam Perlis by SarimahRizal
  23. Ayam tepung Bersos Lemon by Zieha
  24. Triffles ala Zai Kulim
  25. Cantonese Yee Mee by Reflisia
  26. Kuew Teow Hong Kong by Sarah - Update : 7/09/09@21:53
  27. Dadih by Ila - Update : 8/09/09@1125
Last call for all participants. Please check your name. Kalu xder please inform and i will update this list the latest tonite @ 12am. Tomorrow Insya Allah i will announce the winner.


  1. Salam Huda,
    saya tak tersenarai, cause rupanya komen kat thread jom memasak tak jadi.. plzz jenguk my blog, ni linknya :

  2. kita sama negeri rupanyer :)
    ok///mine dh ada kat no. 10 tu :)

  3. sarah : ok huda dh check and your recipe dh included.

    mama zharfan : aahh Kelantan dihatiku

  4. alhamdulillah resepiku ada dlm senarai...sama la kita ore kelate jugok... :-)

  5. kak huda, resepi ila x de dlm senarai pun... nnt akak masukkan ye

  6. alamak sori la ila.. kelam kabut smlm maser prepared listing ni.. ok dh update.. check yea


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