Tuesday, September 29, 2009

kambingbujang goes dot.com

Its actually a surprised birthday present given by Mr Hubby. Unlucky i did not notice the dot.com wordings. Sorry yayang i'm not too particular and my eyes sometimes not too sharp to see the tiny change.

Its 330am in the morning, and Mr Hubby still not sleeping. I just wondering what was he's doing at 330am in the morning.. I saw he is updating my blog layout design and i said ok.. i want to continue my sleep and here goes my conversation between me and Mr Hubby :

Me : Yayang, Huda nk sleep la. Night

Mr Hubby : Huda cuba tgk blog Huda,, ader nmpk lain tak

Me : lain??? aper yg lain nya..samer jer (while scroll up & down) xder yg lain la..samer jer la yayang

Mr Hubby : Huda xnmpk ker kelainan. Btl ker huda xnmpk.. Ala.. ( muka dh sedih.. suara dh ala2 merajuk)

Me : Btl la..samer jer... k la..nmpk la syg dh tukar layout photo, tmbh gmbr raya, add huda nya profile, pas2 tukar badge ebay photo.. lain2 samer jer.. (rase bersalah sbb mmg xnmpk any different)

Mr Hubby : ni haaa.. www.kambingbujang.com yayang banja huda for this year nya birthday present. Actually yayang nk buat esk..tp xper la.. RM35/yr.. Yayang siap design logo 'K' lagi tuk blog huda.. sampai hati Huda xprasan..

Me: Sorry yayang (sambil kiss pipi Mr Hubby) . k huda nk sleep ni.. Love you..

Note : By the way this is one of my birthday present, tgh pkr nk request aper lg ek.. huhuh - Today is my birthday - 290929 -


  1. happy belated birthday!!!
    bestnya dpt good news menjelang birthday.
    jgn lasak2 sgt tau.

  2. Mama Qaseh : Thanks

    Isabelle : 2 la.. tp both of us mmg planned to have baby pn.. :D


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