Friday, September 25, 2009

Daddy Amirul seek the right answer for the question of his favorite radio station FLY FM

Fly Fm Morning Crew finally got a winner of the previous wake up your brain question that was "Malaysia has the third highest number of...".

The previous wake up your brain question had snowballed to RM 28k++, then Azura threw the right answer to the Fly Fm morning crew;

Malaysia Has The Third Highest Number Of Billionaire In Asia Pacific.

It’s very frustrating, I was the one who supposed to answer that question. Hehe. Well anyway, Congratulations!!

The New Wake Up Your Brain Question Gives Headaches 
And now the morning crew has the new wake up your brain question that will scratch all of your heads (every man has two head if you know what i mean), waiting to be answered or snowballed to five digit numbers. 

 Where is Anywhere?
The morning crew; nadia, phat fabes, and ben keep telling listeners that it is a place, there's no tricky question. I may speculate that the new wake up your brain will be snowballed over RM30,000. Check here for Wake Up Your Brain wrong answers.

In order to make extra money for family, every morning i turn up to 95.8 FM while driving just to hear the ‘word queue to call’. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to call Fly FM and in the end, all i got was endless engaged tone and swear words every time that there was a dial tone left unanswered.

I made an assumption that Fly Fm would never answer my call for a 100 years, i made a decision to share with you the work i that i've done recently; in searching for right answer to wake up your brain.

In Searching For The Right Answer
I have searched for the right answer on four famous search engines; Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask. While my wife kept yelling at me "it's three o clock in the morning, you haven't make a milk for Amirul and I want to smack your head", I made top 10 listing result of the four search engines.

So i typed in "is anywhere", it suprisingly showed like this:

1.    Where Is Anywhere?
2.    Your Office Is Anywhere.
3.    Elvis Costello – Home Is Anywhere.
4.    Nowhere Is Anywhere
5.    Adventure Is Anywhere
6.    Zetsubou Is Anywhere
7.    The Place To Be Is Anywhere
8.    Lindsay Lohan Is Anywhere
9.    Zabriskie Point Is Anywhere
10.  The War Is Anywhere

1.    Home Is Anywhere
2.    Our Hometown Is Anywhere
3.    Your Office Is Anywhere
4.    The End Is Anywhere
5.    Your Destination Is Anywhere!
6.    Online Banking Is Anywhere
7.    Kodak Is Anywhere
8.    The Suffering Is Anywhere
9.    My Place Is Anywhere
10.  Lindsay Lohan Is Anywhere

Bing.Com - 

1.    Lindsay Lohan Is Anywhere
2.    Love Is Anywhere
3.    Your Office Is Anywhere
4.    '%' Is Anywhere
5.    Fun Is Anywhere
6.    War Is Anywhere
7.    Your Package Is Anywhere
8.    Los Angeles Is Anywhere
9.    My Fave Vacation Spot Is Anywhere
10.  What Is Anywhere?

1.    Zabriskie Point Is Anywhere
2.    Digital Cable TV Filters Complete Instruction Manual Best There Is Anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3.    Office Is Anywhere
4.    Home Is Anywhere
5.    Your Destination Is Anywhere!
6.    The Profit Margin Is Anywhere
7.    Love Is Anywhere
8.    Fun Is Anywhere
9.    Nowhere Is Anywhere
10.  Your Blood Sugar Level Is Anywhere

After made a heavy analysis, I could identify that there is one result shows up frequently in any of four search engines, that is: 

Home is anywhere

This result surfaced on three well-known search engines, and it is on top of the yahoo search result. Home is anywhere is the song by singer-songwriter Elvis Costello from England.
This result above could be the answer although I have a little doubt in it. But I guess it worth a try.

Lastly, i wish all of the successful callers get the right answer for the wake up your brain question. Along with that, I will continue turning un to 98.3 Fly FM  every morning, listening to the oh-crap-dude-that's-not-even-funny talking crap of morning crew: Nadia, Phat Fabes, and Ben, and waiting to for the queue to call announcement. Check here for Wake Up Your Brain wrong answers

And one more thing, if you do win the prize using my answers above, don't forget to drop off some souvenir for me. Hoho. Thanks.

Daddy amirul seek the right answer for the question of his favorite radio station FLY FM
(photo by : dou_ble_you)

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