Sunday, September 27, 2009

Amirul 19 months old milestones

19 months, what a big number. Amirul is grown up and i do really missed his baby-hood. What is Amirul milestones for this month??? So much things he wants to explore, learn, and try and always make mummy daddy's day full with excitement and chaos. According to Baby Centre :

Most children can do
  • Can use a spoon and fork - He become more expert with his spoon and lesser food fallen down from his plate. Less work for me
  • Can run - He is a good runner and tok abah asked why Amirul run his head go 1st. nanti tumbang la. huhu
  • Can throw a ball underarm
Half of children can do
  • Half of speech may be understandable - He likes to talk now. Some understandable, some not.
  • Recognize when somethings is wrong ( calling a dog a cat) - He can recognize elephant, fish, giraffe, etc
A few children can do
  • Can wash and dry hand and brush teeth with help - We trained him to wash his hand & mouth before & after eat.
  • Can point to picture of cat/dog when you say the word - He does this correctly but sometimes he become confuse. Need more training and exercising.
  • May know when she needs to urinate - If he poo poo, he will point to his pants.
Amirul's other skills & developments
  • He can wear his own sandal. Sometimes left feet wearing right sandal and vice versa. But recently, he is wearing the right sandal to the right feet.
  • He shows loves to baby. He want new 'play friend' instead of his daddy.
  • Add new words to his vocabulary and he started to imitate me.(Amirul 1st word is Umbrella - refer here)
  • He likes socialize with others He may play with you, laugh with you, tease you but dont you ever touch him or carry him or hold him, he will screaming like you are scolding him..
  • Recently i bought 2 educational CDs (Baby Genius & Brainy Baby) for Amirul. He loves it so much and likes to watch it like very now n then. (wake from sleep watch CDs, came back from Ibu's house watch CDs, after crying watch CDs, etc) sampai mummy & daddy tak bleh tgk TV..
  • I had showed him to put syringe into sink after drink ubat , then he did that on next day. ( i did showed him once, bagus la Amirul ni)

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