Tuesday, September 15, 2009

4 out of 24 Early Pregnancy Signs of mine

I had missed my period for this month. Its already 5days and this is my 1st time after delivered Amirul. 4 months after Amirul's birth, i've took contraceptive pill to plan for our 2nd baby. Last 2months, i've stop my Yasmin and still having period as usual. Nevertheless, this months, my period is not coming like usual. My Hubby keep telling me that i'm pregnant but i think its too early for me to check. Wait until 2nd weeks, if still not period, then confirm i'm pregnant. Wait Huda, last month, i also think that im pregnant however, after check with pregnancy test kit, the result showed negative. I dont want to be disappointed again this month.

What is the early signs of pregnancy ?? (Source from About.com, Baby Centre , Dumex.com)
  1. Missed period - Possible - Yes
  2. Unusual or abnormal period - Possible - No
  3. Just "feeling" pregnant - Possible - Yes
  4. Nausea and Vomiting (Morning Sickness) - Possible - No
  5. Changes in libido - Possible - Not sure
  6. Soreness of the Breasts - Possible - No
  7. Enlargement of the Breasts - Possible - No
  8. Frequent Urination - Possible - Yes (i drink a lot during Ramadhan month, that why i urinate a lot. :D)
  9. Strange Cravings - Possible - No
  10. Fatigue - Possible - Sometimes
  11. Montgomery's Tubercules - Possible - No
  12. Skin Changes - Possible - No
  13. Stretch Marks - Possible - No
  14. Enlarging Uterus - Possible - No
  15. Movement - Possible - No
  16. Colostrum from Breasts - Possible - No
  17. Enlarged Abdomen - Probable - Yes
  18. Change in uterine shape - Probable - Not sure
  19. Braxton Hicks Contractions - Probable - No
  20. Palpation of the Baby - Probable - Not sure
  21. Fetal Heart Tones - Positive - No
  22. Ultrasound Detection - Positive - Not done
  23. X-ray Detection - Positive - Not done
  24. Positive Pregnancy Test - Positive - Not Checked
Or you can look at this slide for more understanding.

Note : I need another 9 more days to check with pregnancy test kit. Hopefully the sign show positive..

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