Thursday, August 20, 2009

Speech Delays

When will our children start to talk??? Actually me quite curious and can be claim as eager and too excited to hear Amirul's 1st word(1st word which everybody can understand; mummy, daddy not dada).

According to BabyCentre, our child started communicate with us from the day 1st she/he was born. However, when they enter 18months, their vocabulary increase 200 words. For Amirul's case, he is still in 2 - 3 words (eg: mama, dada) with pointing this & that. Nevertheless, each day, he is catching up few new words and struggling himself to pronounce it.. He understands instructions and words when we talk to him, but to speak back to us, he twisting his tongue. Cayok Amirul..

According to Parenting.Com, there are few reasons why the process is delay;
  • Gender - often develop speech later than girls
  • Multiple causal - Prematurity, low birth weight, and medical intervention at birth; can contribute to language delays
  • Children with other illness - Children with chronic ear infections
  • Preemies (preterm baby) - Babies born early often take longer than others to reach milestones
  • Kids who are focused on other skills - they may just be trying to perfect one skill, like walking
Below is the signs your child might have a delay:(courtesy of Parenting.Com)
  • 1 year: No babbling or speaking in mock sentences at all. She/He doesn't seem to understand or respond when you talk.
  • 18 months: He hasn't said at least one word.
  • 2 years: He says only a few words and communicates mostly through grunting and pointing, or he's losing language skills -- either his vocabulary has shrunk or he no longer talks very much.
  • 2 1/2 years: He's still speaking in single syllables, drops final consonants, or doesn't have a vocabulary of 50 words.
  • 3 years: Strangers can't understand his pronunciation, or he speaks using only simple two-word phrases.
What to do if child delay speech???
  • Talk to your baby simply, clearly and often.
  • Read picture books to your baby
  • Express in words what he shows in signs and facial expressions
  • Talk to your toddler, let him watch your face if possible
Read this expert answer to curious mummy about her speech delays child.

Note : If your child show speech delay, dont be up-set or depress, there is famous & successful people also late talkers; Albert Einstein, Gary Becker (nobel prize-winning economist), Arthur Rubinstein (piano virtuoso)

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