Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Living with Parent-in-Laws, My Thought

Parent-in-Laws with newly wed

Its a sensitive topic to some of us, however to me who experience the living under one roof with parent-in-laws(PIL), there is pro's & con's. Dont always think about the bad things when mentioning parent-in-law esp mom-in-law, there is always the good side which most of us overlooked at it. After reading this article, its like calling me to share my experiences living with parent-in-laws.

After got married to the man who I love most, he wanted me to live with his family. Due to unstable financial condition, me agreed without any objection as my PIL is sporting & cool. This is before i got married to their son. Lived with them for 7months, there is sweet & sour experiences in completing me to be good daughter-in-law.

Sweet Things Lives with Parent-in-Laws
  • You can save a lot in term of money (no monthly house installment, no groceries worries, no bill payment, no house maintenance,)
  • You can save your money for your future ( house and car down payment, baby things, future household, )
  • You always have chit chat friend (in my case, mom-in-laws is talkative ones)
  • No need to do housework (in my case, they have maids to prepare everything)
  • My parent-in-law is loving couple, i love to see how they showed their love at the age of 50's & 60's. (Good example of newly married like me)
  • Its like my own house (In my case, parent-in-law is always bz. Abah bz with lectures, Mama bz with salon)
Sour Things Lives with Parent-in-Laws
  • No privacy (main concern- your room is the only privacy place)
  • Naughty nieces & nephews (they shout, they fight, they run here and there, they make chaos)
  • In-laws come & go (They come & go and i need immediately look for tudung or change to proper attire)
  • Hypocrite (if quarrel with Mr Hubby inside the room, once you step out from your room, you give big smile to everyone)
  • You have to cook if maid is not around. I not good in cooking.
  • My mother-in-law dislikes to interfere in our personal life, however, she likes to give tips & advises us ( nagging ???? huhu)

Tips how to deal with parent-in-laws
  • Assuming they are like your own parent & family members
  • Dont be too sensitive and try to adapt with their lifestyle (In my case, Mr Hubby's family outspoken;mulut laser tahap medium.. huhu. i dont mind dah terbiaser, differ to my family style yg penuh tatasusila. sume nk kna berajak, tak ajak kecik ati.. alahai)
  • Always involved them in decision making ( Make them feel important)
  • Always smile to them when tho you are damn tired or in hubby wifey crisis.
Read here & here to get tips on how to deal with parent-in-laws.


  1. me living wif in laws too..but dreaming of one day I will be able to live in my own house!!

  2. Huda dh duduk rumah sdn skrang. bkn sbb bergaduh ngn mertua ker aper.. tp dorang understands yg huda nk merasa hidup sdn..

    so take this opportunity tuk simpan duit byk2 than cpt2 beli umh. :D

  3. i duk rumah sendiri sejak lepas kawin.. tak leh imagine myself duduk sama MIL... hu..hu

  4. Little Mama : huda dok sdn skarang ni, tp everyweek kna blk 'kg' bw Amirul jumper atok n iyang dier.. huhuh

  5. uishh..i can't live with my mom in law..she is very nice when hubby is around..and becomes a dictator when he leaves..time pantang duk sekejap and dapat tau die percaye bende2 karut cam bomoh etc....and aku plak kalo org dah buat salah skali..aku cam suke dok jauh dah..i'm super bad..tapi aku camtu..

  6. himey : hahahha.. mak kiter gak is the best kn???

  7. entry yg bagus..aaaa...mak kita jugak the best...eventho im not living with MIL, but still got prob la huda..kecik hati manjang jek MIL :(

  8. dat y ader tips how to deal with parent-in-law nawi. :D


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