Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How safe is children toothpaste.

Since 16 months, i already teach Amirul to brush his teeth. He also showed interest in brushing his teeth. When he is 17 months, he can brush his teeth personally without my assistant. Every morning and before sleep i will ask him to brush his teeth and seem like he knew that the routine.However for sure, i know he likes the taste of toothpaste not the brushing teeth itself. Few questions come across my mind regarding toothpaste issue; is the toothpaste safe for Amirul, is the ingredient inside the toothpaste do not give any side effects to him, it is ok for Amirul to swallow the the leftover paste. Currently he is using Kodomo Lion toothpaste;strawberry flavor.

KodomoLion toothpaste:
  • 5% Xylitol + Active fluoride
  • Available in 4 variants; Strawberry, Orange, Grape & Apple.
Is the toothpaste safe for Amirul:
  • Xylitol inside the toothpaste is a "tooth friendly" non-fermentable sugar alcohol.
  • Xylitol-based products are allowed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Benefit of xylitol in dental health:
  • caries prevention
  • reduction in cavities
  • plaque-reducing effect
  • attracts and then "starves" harmful micro-organisms
  • allowing the mouth to re-mineralized damaged teeth with less interruption
It is ok to swallow the the leftover paste
  • No, fluoride inside the toothpaste give bad side effects to a child. (read here for more info)
  • Ingestion of fluoride might cause severe effects. (diarrhea in children)

Note : I think Amirul just ingest a small amount of toothpaste yet the accumulation of ingredient inside the toothpaste may deposit in his body and cause bad side effects in long run. fuhhhh.. scary nya. hopefully swallow toothpaste thingy is not effecting Amirul's health . Amin

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