Friday, August 14, 2009

Butterflies flying in my tummy.

This is my 2nd time for job interview. 1st received called from Weatherford last 2months and this afternoon from Mitco . Every time, i received phone called or email calling for interview, there is one kind of feeling which i do not know how to describe. Takut, seram sejuk, nk pengsan, argggg

I did not attend Weatherford interview's session. I gave stupid reason interviewer(tyre kete pancit).. and do i need to cheat again this time ????

What forbid me to attend the interview???
  • Its been 3years, i did not attend any interview session. I might look stupid in front of interviewer.
  • I do not know how to dress up for interview (interview protocol).
  • I afraid i do not do much preparations and might speechless in front of interviewer.
  • I love working here.
  • I afraid of changes (new friends, new work space, new bos, new environment, new job scopes)
  • Above only reasons that i've created. The main one is; sebenarnya saya takut tuk interview.. (butterflies flying in my tummy) huhuhuh


  1. kalu takut takyah gi..aku tau ko takut tak jumpe geng yg best mcm kakak ko nie kan..hahahha -cute_bear-

  2. huhuh.. tue la psl.. tp panin la ngn rimas n rusmin.. huru hara pasni

  3. if u r happy with what u r doing now, just proceed.
    but dont let ur fear to limit ur chances. afterall, it's for ur own good kan?

    try la test market je.

  4. isabelle : i attended the interview, the moment i step into the interview room, all the chill and fear dissapeared.. lega rasenya.. xder la takut sgt pn.. :D


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