Friday, August 28, 2009

Bler Kita Sayang Anak, How to show my affection to my little one ..... - My way

I found my friend post and quite interesting to me, I want to share my thought about the topic with my readers. 

Over-privileged or underprivileged.

Everybody loves their own children no exceptional, unless he/she is bad-hearted, who doesn't have  a human feeling on our child, even animals show their love to their little ones. 

So there is no reason why, we human being should not loves our own blood. How we, act as a parent shows our unlimited love towards them? A very subjective question and the answers may vary from one family to another. 

Lets share my devotions here.

Below is how i showed my loves towards Amirul :
  • Hold Amirul's hands. (i love to do this, its showed mother and son strong bonding)
  • Say sorry with simple explanation if I'm doing wrong/mistakes.(i knew he sometimes do not understands what's going on)
  • Scold him whenever he do wrong/mistakes. (my MIL is very very very strict mother - ala2 army Mr Hubby ckp), so Mr Hubby cope his mother's means to-discipline-children)
  • Always kiss and hug Amirul, not only once but few times whenever i leave him at Ibu's house or Amirul have daddy-son outing.
  • Respect Amirul's privacy - sometimes i just let him play himself
  • Call Ibu to check Amirul's status update. Daily without failed unless telephone xder credit. and now i started talked to him eventho he still in try-to-speak stage. (Ibu ckp dier akan senyum whenever he listening to my voice)
  • Eat meals together as a family, without the distractions of the TV.
  • PLAY with Amirul
  • Ajak Amirul sama2 semayang, i know this is too early tp at least by now every time i want to pray dier akan amik mummy dier sejadah
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Note : Im not saying that 'my way' is the best, but i would like to share my way of loving Amirul.

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