Thursday, August 13, 2009

16 reasons why it's fun to be a parent

Amirul's smiles, Amirul's grins, Amirul's cries - our proud

While browsing my fave parenting website, i found this article on 50 reasons why its fun to be a parent. Be a mother at the age of 25 years old, and still doubt about parent's duty, me & Mr Hubby take the responsibilities with full of love. Its actually, an interesting experiences started from the day I knew I was pregnant until Amirul birth. Besides chaos, that he made, there many reasons why its fun to be a parent.

To help you through the tough times, below is why I enjoy being a parent :

  1. Hear Amirul’s 1st cry, make me forget all the painful and tough delivery time.
  2. Excited to know Amirul is mummy alike or daddy alike.
  3. I love Amirul’s smell. (eventho sticky smell, but still I enjoy kissing him)
  4. I am Amirul’s queen of heart and known that he is totally trust me.
  5. Ever since I’ve being a mother, never been in tired and busy mode – however most happy moment in life.
  6. Watching Mr Hubby show Amirul off to all his friends and relatives
  7. Finding out, no one gets bored sharing birth story, no matter how many times you tell it in the office
  8. Overhearing Mr Hubby excitedly talking about baby thingy’s to other friends
  9. Watching Amirul sleeping and kiss him again & again (I’ve been caught by Mr Hubby for kissing Amirul alot)
  10. Proud of Amirul’s every skills and developments
  11. Become a ‘tiger’ every time Amirul make chaos/stubborn/naughty. And immediately feel touch after he kiss & hug me.
  12. Amirul being annoying when he want me to carry him, yet I still carry him with 12kg weighted.
  13. Taking millions of Amirul’s photos, Every single angle and aisle and movement which I keep meaning to put into an album, but never quite get round to it.
  14. Enjoy browsing cute little toys / clothes / gadgets for Amirul
  15. Watching Amirul sleep on my arm, hug me before sleep make me wondering hows his future holds for him.
  16. Hearing Amirul say "mum" and wondering who that is, then realising - it's ME!
  17. etc – Be a mother is the most wonderful experience for every women.


  1. kalau nak listkan memang tak habis kan. setiap detik bersama anak kita adalah sangat2 berharga.

    ape lagi bagi diorang. nak bekepitt je hehe

  2. Mama Qaseh : Jd mummy ni mmg letih tapi berbaloi sgt

    Mommy Lyna : Kalu list out sume mmg berjela-jela. Every child lak unique, mmg sonok kn exploring parenting world ni.


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