Monday, August 31, 2009

50 things to do during weekend with your kids when you have no money to spend.

You must be excited to wait for the weekend after you come home from your exhausted work on Friday. Your mind keep racing about what to do with this two days off with your kids, or with your love ones. Planning is the thing you always do, so that your precious weekend will not be wasted. But there's one thing that can hold you down; money.

Usually i spend my lovely weekend with my little one by spending little money or no money at all. I'd like to share with you all about 50 things to do with Amirul, my son during weekend.

My priceless weekend goes like this:
  1. Play with Amirul at a children playground
  2. Teach Amirul to draw animal.
  3. Build block
  4. A-B-C he fall asleep
  5. Counting cars that passing by.
  6. Playing cak-cak, peak-a-boo
  7. Flying superman (this will make a father faint in 15 seconds, depending on the weight of the child)
  8. Choo-choo train, stand in line and put your hand on toddler's shoulder.
  9. Go to garden with an empty bucket, ask amirul to take everything that he sees – rock, flower, leaves.
  10. Recite Holy Quran with amirul.
  11. Sing along song with my son from DVDs that we borrowed from my elder sister.
  12. Watch wonderpets and song along with them. This is sewious!
  13. Read fish stories with my son.
  14. Put a ball in front of Amirul, ask him to kick.
  15. Wait until Amirul finds his tireness playing with insert-coin toys at Alamanda.
  16. Find any parenthood event, enter a game or two that involve Amirul.
  17. Turn up music, dance with Amirul all day long.
  18. Stand in front of animal poster, ask Amirul which one is cat.
  19. Mesmerizing Amirul by flying a kite whenever we have a good strong wind.
  20. Teaching Amirul verbal lesson.
  21. Spend one hour with amirul at a fish aquarium store. Doing nothing but staring at finding-nemo fish. (No wonder the store's owner has a growing furious on the two of us.
  22. Take 100 photos of Amirul at Masjid Putrajaya.
  23. Blowing pink bubbles to see amirul's laughter when the bubbles circle him.
  24. Let Amirul chasing the cheap laser pointer dotted on the wall.
  25. Walk around the garden and voice out an objects that we notice.
  26. Ride LRT train and counting buildings that we see.
  27. Touring Putrajaya Botanical Garden.
  28. Bring Amirul's technological advanced engineering tools (plastic shovel and bucket) to a beach and build sand castle.
  29. Eject amirul in the air until i'm out of breath. (this activity was lasting for 5 minutes)
  30. Lay down on bed, lift up our both legs in the air for 5 seconds, and drop it like a bomb.
  31. Sway back and forth on buaian when we have sunny day
  32. Ask amirul to pinch mummy's nose while she is sleeping.
  33. Chasing stranded cats in front of our garage.
  34. Do some creative mess up on coloring book.
  35. Drink vitagen or nutrigen with Amirul.
  36. Swimming at public pool and ask Amirul to do breastroke.
  37. Play stepmania dancing game on PC with amirul. Dance Pad available at Bangi, Selangor.
  38. Help amirul to recognize objects in his book.
  39. Bouncing a stress ball off the wall and then laugh.
  40. Stare at our neighboor's rabbits, my son so excited he keep pointing at the rabbits.
  41. Jogging and pushing his stroller at athletic track field.
  42. Teach a few useful hand gestures like eat, sleep, finish, take a bath, bye bye.
  43. Teach him to recognize shapes with sorter block toys.
  44. Ask my child to count his fingers.
  45. Ask him to kiss his daddy and mummy, continuously.
  46. Take him to visit his grandmother (we call eyang. it's nenek in bahasa indonesia)
  47. Make reading fun by dramatizing the stories. Get my child to be character in the stories
  48. Play a hand puppet with my child, tell stories to him.
  49. Don't read the book for him, just let him flip the book.
  50. Stand in front of the mirror and tell me how cute he is, and let him play with his face's reflection.
  51. (bonus) Turn amirul upside down and turn him back to normal again.

If you like to share your activities during weekend, just drop it at the comment column.


  1. Wah best-nya your list. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Next time, you can play masak-masak with Amirul. Toy masak-masak or real masak-masak also can.

  2. huhuh. this list is done by my hubby..

  3. Haha, list menarik bro. Nampaknya tak semua hiburan di dunia ni perlukan duit.

    p/s: Let's join our Blogging Community Malaysia Boleh!

  4. I guess I've read abt this entry before. nice tips :D


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