Friday, July 17, 2009

Say No to Doctor

Malaysia current environment is bad. Sometimes hot, sometimes cloudy,sometimes raining, and now haze; this weather combination do effect Amirul's health. For 2 weeks he having bad cough, phelgm, stuffy or runny nose,difficulty breathing and often at night he had deep cough, noisy breathing. His condition worst if i put the fan in speed 5.According to BabyCentre this symptom called Croup. He do not know how to throw out his phelgm yet he felt uncomfortable if he ignore it. Few times he vomit on me. Redha aja la.. and one time he vomit on me at Pasar Borong, ShahAlam. With crowd and sweating over body, like no other business he vomit just on my face. Everything came out, and he felt relieved.

Over pass 2weeks, Amirul had doctor visit for twice and one for nebulizer treatment yet i do not see any recovery. He still had bad cough and noisy breathing at night. Its make me worry and i think its not croup. Then i went again to have doctor checked up. Early in the morning, Daddy brought Amirul to hospital again, unfortunately doctor suspected Amirul having asthma. To confirmed this, Amirul needed to have chest X-ray and blood test. At the age of 15months, he need to go through all this painful (to him) thingy. erhmm

After 5hrs of testing and waiting,the result showed.......

Amirul is in the early stage of ASTHMA. erhmmmmm

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