Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My-Giveaway 1st ever GIVEAWAY CONTEST !!!

My-Giveaway organized 1st ever GIVEAWAY CONTEST.. Yeayy !!!!
Contest Deadline : 8th August 2009

8 prizes to choose.

My Giveaway # 1 - Tupperware Mini

My Giveaway # 2 - CD Pouch by Digi

My Giveaway # 3 - Car Collectibles.

My Giveaway # 4 - Victoria's Secret
Hydrating Body Lotion

My Giveaway # 5 - Ladies Small Bag

My Giveaway # 6 - DISNEY PIXAR Cars (MATER the towtruck) keychain.

My Giveaway # 7 - Ladies Monogram Tee

My Giveaway # 8 - Victoria's Secret item.

Below is my choice - My Giveaway # 6 - DISNEY PIXAR Cars (MATER the towtruck) keychain.

I deserve to WIN My-Giveaway # 6 because.... I LOVE KEY CHAIN. Alangkah bagusnya dan cantiknya jika Disney Pixar Keychain di atas termasuk didalam koleksi key chain saya.

My key chain collections

Semua key chain ni, saya dapat all over the world.. wah cam hebat kan travel sana sini.. Bukan saya yg pegi travel and beli sumua key chain ni. Tapi ni hasil ihsan rakan sekerja bler dorang outstation. Key chain ni ader dari Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Australia, Holland, Singapore, dan juga Malaysia..

How to win this??

1. Be a my-giveaway FOLLOWER (click FOLLOW on the right hand side corner of our blog) - DONE
2. Choose ONE (1) Prize from above and BLOG ABOUT IT (English or Bahasa only as I can't read CHINESE.. kekeke) on your blog - DONE
3. Make sure you copy the picture of the item you want and have a link back to this contest. - DONE
4. Complete this sentence "I deserve to WIN My-Giveaway #(choose your gift no) because...." - DONE
5. Put up our my-Giveaway BANNER PICTURE (below) on the sidebar of your blog with linkback to us. - DONE
6. Leave your name, email address and blog write up link as a comment here. - DONE

Click above banner for short cut to the blog and enter the contest..

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