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How I lose 17 kg after I gave birth to my lovely child - Amirul Arshad

I knew this topic is actually should be posted 13months ago. And I know its a lame story but still wanna share with others how i managed to lose 17kg extra weight to my pre-pregnancy weight within 4months after giving birth.

Malaysian is full with pantang larang things which make confinement is really important for mother and baby. Each race have their own confinement way like me, i've stayed with MIL for 40days. So i need to follow her way of confinement. She is Indonesian. I can say lucky me as my MIL do not believe in those pantang larang thingy. She more toward of healthy lifestyle. Everyday, she will cook bcoz her maid cabut lari afraid need to take care my baby.

According to Malays style confinement, there are few MUST things that mummies should do like, 'bertungku', massage, wear bengkung, limitation of food intake etc.

For my experience
, i did massage for 2huors, bath with herb leaves, wear pilis, wear bengkung for 3days. The aim of the massage is to help the new mother expel any residue blood clots from the uterus. Malays also believe the massage will help warm up the body to avoid masuk angin (to prevent "wind" from entering the body).However for bengkung wearing, i did wear for 60days for 12 hours without fail in order to faster slimming process.

Diet wise,MIL not allowed me to eat spicy food only and no ice water, others i can eat. Dont be shocked if i tell you that my menu is no different with other family members. Bread or fried rice for breakfast,black paper chicken or meat, ikan bilis goreng blackpaper, fried egg, seafood,vegie soup for lunch & nite. Fruits and water is a MUST to avoid constipation.

Since im breastfeed my little Amirul, MIL asked me to eat a lot for more nutrition in Amirul's milk but this mummy afraid to eat lot. She afraid she can no longer to wear her S/M size shirt. So besides eat large amount of food,i ate frequently in small quantity.

As Amirul have jaundice after day 3, i do not eat jamu immediately, bcoz herbs inside the jamu may affect Amirul condition or maybe worsen his jaundice. I just took jamu after Amirul exactly 1month old. Everyday without fail i take jamu.

So confinement to me is not a big deal. What make me crazy is that, i cant go out from house. Everyday i will look for an excuse to go out like Amirul not feeling well, myself not feeling well, huhuh. Until one time, i asked Mr Hubby to bring me out even tho i just sit inside the car.. huhuh. I officially can go out from house at my 30th day.

After 60days of maternity leave, i'm back to office with 15kg reduce. I need another 2more kilos but other things happened. "ive gain 1kilos.. oh noooo.. This scary to me as i really want to have my pre-pregnancy weight. Then my friend introduced me with Herbalife and i managed to get my pre-pregnancy weight with no disruption of milk productions. In fact my milk production is getting better.

I think my hard work (wearing bengkung for 60days, eat less but frequentt) is working as i managed to get my pre-pregnancy weight within 4 months. !! I found this informative articles on confinement that may help you. Read here, here,

I still looking for my photo on the day before admitted to hospital. Once i found it, i'll paste here.

1 month after

3 months After

4 months After - 53kg

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