Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cloth Diaper Lifespan

While browsing DiaperAsia, i found this thread and really caught my attention. Cloth diaper lifespan. As we know, cloth diaper meant for rewashed, reused, and recycle. But how long the cloth diaper can be used. Does it lifetime usage or after certain period of time, it will wear out. There must be factors to be considered for longing the life span of cloth diaper.

After few research, i found few articles which help me to gather and identify factors affecting cloth diaper lifespan.

Cloth Diaper Material
  • Polyurethane Lamiante (PUL) elastic may crack from repeated drying which will then cause leaks.
  • Washing diaper covers and/or AIO with vinegar can damage the waterproofing capability.
  • High heat may damage CDs waterproofing abilities while tumble drying will shorten the life-span of CDs.
  • Always hang dry diaper covers and wraps; Placing them in the dryer will ruin their waterproof qualities.
Washing & Care Method
  • Do not wash / dry on HOT / HIGH HEAT - This may shorten the lifespan of some CDs. Elastic of CDs will stretch, weaken.
  • Avoid using washing powder that contain fabrics softener, bleach and enzymes. Bleach causes premature breaking of the fibers and fabric softener adds a coating to the diapers that make them less absorbent.
  • Using laundry bag may prolong the CD lifespan and reduce wear out of CD's
  • Close any velcro tabs before placed into washing machine.
  • Do not used vinegar frequently; they may cause diaper with elastic to break down and shorten the CDs lifespan
  • Sun drying (when the weather permits!) is excellent for bleaching out stains, and killing of any leftover bacteria, and will also keep CDs functioning well for longer.
Actually how long is the lifespan of the CD's is subjective. Its all depend on you, how you wash, how you take care of it, how frequent you wear the CDs. Its similar to your clothes. People get holes on their panties after few months. The elastic will wear out if you do not have proper washing handling. So there is no concrete answer to this question. Read here and here may give you more info's cloth diaper lifespan.


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