Tuesday, July 7, 2009

7 reasons why I choose cloth diaper over disposable diaper

7 reasons why i am changing from disposable diaper to cloth diaper. Below is my point of view and may differ from other. However i hope this can help other mummies to start cloth diapering.
  • Economical
Here is my calculation:
Disposable Diaper
Day Use Nappy (Drypers Brand)= RM 34/72pcs = RM0.47
Nite Use Nappy (Europe Brand)= RM 39/70pcs = RM 0.56
1 day use = RM0.45 x 6 =rm 2.7
1 day, nite use = RM 0.56
Total 1 day use = RM 3.26
Total 1month use = RM 3.26 x 30 = RM 97.80
Total 1 year use = RM 3.26 x 365 = RM 1189.9
Total 3years use (until potty training) = RM 3569.7

Cloth diaper
1 pcs One Size CD = RM 88
1 have 20pcs CD = RM 1760

Note : I do not have any preferable brand of disposable diaper, which ever brand offer the cheapest price, i'll go for it as the nappy will end up in rubbish bin. I feel it a waste to buy the expensive one.
Differ to CD, i'll prefer to buy the expensive one because i want to re-use it and after all, i can sell as preloved items to those who want to try cloth diapering.

  • Environmental Friendly
Cloth Diaper is re-cycle, re-wash
Re-cycle to other children. Can passed to another siblings
Re-wash - Disposable nappies have nearly twice the environmental impact of home laundered nappies, and over two and a half times the impact of service washed nappies. 50% of domestic disposal is from disposable nappies and required 500years to decompose. How are we gonna save the green house problem if we keep disposing non-biodegradable items.
  • Easy to use
I am using one size CD. Meaning i can use the CD from newborn until Amirul potty training. If i used dispo diaper, i need to change the size when my Amirul getting bigger and the number of diaper per pack is lessen. What a waste..
  • No Smelly Rubbish Bins
This is the beauty of having Amirul wearing CD. No smelly rubbish. Amirull poopoo is really suck my nose. Sometimes the whole house can smell the smelly poopoo and the combination of Amirul poopoo with air-freshener smell sometimes make thing worse . But now, no more smelly poopoo.
  • A potty training aid
CD may not always absorbent and dry as dispo diaper. This made potty training easier as they will be more aware of wetting the nappy. The sooner Amirul diaper free, the better my life will be.. :D
  • No Nappy rash for some babies !!
My Amirul do not having rashes problem. If he do, i normally put tapioca flour on his ass and the rashes immediately dissapear. I do not spend money on the anti-rash cream.
  • Attractive colour to choose
CD have multiple colors to be chosen as well as the print. Currently Amirul stash full with orange, green, yellow, meroon, cow printed, spongebob printed, etc.

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  1. I didn't know you're so particular with the figures. Now you can save some money to buy me new gadget..huhu


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