Monday, July 20, 2009

2nd Baby - Things to consider ????

Amirul now is 17months and i think its a right time for him to get sibling. Boy or girl is not a big deal to me. As long he/she is healthy, no chronic illness, cute like me, Alhamdullilah syukur..

I already stop my Yasmin intake for 1 week, took folic acid , drink dates juice, other vitamin supplements will be followed later on.Is this enough or i need other preparations such as ; my body itself need to be prepare, my diet, do i need special food to prepare my 2nd pregnancy, does my current weight is ideal for pregnancy, does 2 years gap enough for 2nd baby. what more preparation do i need to do.. Fuh.. so many questions came across my mind and factors to considered.

Below is few factors which i considered for 2nd baby;

Age Gap
First pregnancy is unplanned, but 2nd baby, me & Mr Hubby planned at least 2years gap. I am 25, when delivered Amirul and if 2 years gap, meaning next year i should have another one. According to Babyworld website, Ideal is to have the second before your first one hits two years (and toddler jealousy sets in) or after they have turned four and are occupied with school and other activities. In Bub Hub Pregnancy & Parenting Forum , most of the forum member said 2years gap is good. BabyCentre also mentioned the same age gap between 1st and 2nd babies. 18 - 23 months gap is sufficient time for body to recover the lost energies during 1st delivery and to replenish body's resources. So now is the appropriate time for me to conceive again as Amirul will turn 2years++ by the time new baby come out.

Health & Body Preparations
I do not have any medical complications nor morning sickness during 1st pregnancy. Its a bless as my 1st pregnancy is went smooth. With my current 52kg (normal body weight), 26 year old,(read here & here for more info on age vs fertility), fully energy recovered ( i think so :D), no critical illness (diabetic, hypertension, anemia, urinary tract infection, etc), proper menstrual cycle (28days), cervical smear (done after 4months delivery) and with daily folic acid intake, my body is ready for 2nd ones.

Partner support
This is very important as grow up the children is not only mummy responsibility. Daddy also have to plays their part. As partner, we sharing responsibilities, joy & happiness, difficulties; we share everything. Mr Hubby is fully support me and he is the one who more excited than i am. He wish to have baby girl this time around. :D

I love in pregnancy figure..


  1. YO huda.. aku sonok bace blog mu.BTW, anak aku croup gak..tapi tak sure asthma ke tak sbb specialist die cam tak buat test..aku marah kat specialist die nih..ape2 pun ko tanye dulu kalo doctor ko bagi preneselone..sbb bende tu digunakan utk selamatkan nyawa pesakit asthma..kalo2 minum byk2 sgt akan jadi pendek ..siyes ..kalo tak caye refer to my blog...entry a letter to my fren in distress..nges2 ..sian amirul..

  2. sbb baca ko nya blog la aku jd confuse.. Amirul ni asthma ker batuk biaser jer.. bkn aper..aku takut doctor tu tipu aku.. sbb nk charge mahal so dier tipu ckp Amirul asthma, in fact dier batuk biaser jer.. maner la tau kot doc tue misdiagnose ke aper kn

  3. aku main tanye die..Why do u give to my son? ..How can you say he has asthma? What is your test? cam garang giler..lantak aa..asal aku clear..kalo tak die drug anak aku je la..

  4. aku lak, Mr Hubby yg wat research about asthma patient thru internet and Amirul xder symmtoms tue pn..

    Bler nk double confirm blk ngn doctor, then dier ckp, i xckp dier asthma, tp dier early stage of asthma.. bkn ker samer tue... bodus nya doc..


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