Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bandung Trip - Day 2

Day 2

Today we had a very pack activities. Plenty of places we were planned but i dont know whether can make it or not. Here our tentative for 2nd day:
  • Tangkuban Perahu
  • Rumah Sosis & Rumah Tahu
  • Rumah Stoberi
  • Factory Outlet Jl Riau Sneak Preview
and here what happened:

Tangkuban Perahu @ Bandung.
The road to this famous active volcano is really killing me. Macam ular.. bengkang-bengkok, jln pn pecah2.. Ya Allah jln di Msia is 10x better. Headache and feeling like vomiting.. and felt like riding horse..goshhh.. However there also a very nice road and only at big houses area. Here, we can see a big gap between rich and poor people. Rich people live at nice area with big house and poor people live in small house and if in Malaysia more like to squatter.

OTW to Tangkuban Perahu. Big houses area.

Scenery @ Tangkuban Perahu .

Last time,when my hubby came here(+-20yrs ago) the larva was red and can see the volcano ashes. And he said its quite scary, that the only things he remembered. Up on this mountain, dingin sejuk nyaman. Best sgt. If M'sia, felt like Cameroon Highland.

Us @ Tangkuban Perahu

Hawkers following the tourist

There plenty of shops selling wooden arts, T-shirts, souveniers. etc But be careful because the prize offer is super duper higher and if they knew you are foreigner, lagi mahal harganya. And dont forget to the hawker, they will insist you to buy and followed until you bought their sell items. Memang annoying but, what to do, too many hawkers and they competing each other.So better dont buy and said u dont want. If you really want to buy, just buy 'Tangkuban Perahu' T-shirt. I managed to buy Rp 22500 (RM6.20). untuk kenang-kenangan.

Break for Lunch. We ate at Ampera

Rumah Sosis

I spent Rp 250 000 (RM69).. Giler kan.. Hanya tuk beli sosis.. Actually , they said the sausage is really tasty, that y i just took n put inside shopping basket and bler nk bayar.. ayoyo.. Rp 200+++.. Sungguh giler.. But satisfied sbb mmg sedap sgt.. really terasa kesedapannya. I bought 2 pax beef with cheese sausage, 2 pax blackpapper sausage,and original sausage. Really really delicious..

Rumah Stoberi,Lembang, Bandung

Quite frustrating because we cannot pick the strawberry.. We need to eat there for Rp 100000/4pax lunch buffet, then we will entitle for strawberry picking. We already had our lunch at Ampera, so how can we eat again. If we knew this earlier we will straight came to Rumah Stroberi and enjoy the foods plus self picking the strawberry. How nice this would be. Rumah Stroberi is a nice place to visit and the landscape also decorated neatly. So green and peaceful. We just took photos and went back home. OTW to Rumah Stroberi, you will see taman bunga di tepi2 jalan.. cantiknya..

OTW balik me and Amirul sleep. Tentatively we supposed to go Factory Outlet at Jl Riau. Unfortunately without informing me, Tante Tarti went to Cipedas to find the shop selling Silk Clothing. Arrrggg maner bleh, aku dh planned nk pg Factory Outlet. Dah pegi Cipedas mesti tak sempat pegi.. Aku yg chartered this car, so please followed my instructions.. eeeiiii geramnya. But respect to warga tua please huda.. i just followed her and i still insisted her went to Factory Outlet.. Huhuhuh.. Akhirnya 8pm we reached Factory Outlet Jl Riau. This on sneak preview, because on thursday, we were came back here for real shopping.

End of our 2nd day activities. Tired bcoz we actually lost. Camner la jd Pak Supir tp xtau jln.. ini Pak Supir is recommended by Tante Tarti and we paid him almost Rp400 000 (RM110).. Sungguh tak berbaloi.. Basically, we still keep track meaning we went to all places that planned earlier.

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