Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Amirul 16 months old milestones

8 Jun 09 Amirul turn to 16months old. Times passed so fast without notice. What his skills and developments for this month???? Yup actually I'm waiting to see it and really enjoy the moments.

When he 1st help me takes off his shirt, i'm so excited because less bathing preparation. When he first imitated me talking to the telephone, one again i felt so excited meaning he grown up already. Now he also understand few of my instructions even tho its quite surprising me. And he loves to sulk.. tak dapat merajuk.. tegur skit merajuk. sume merajuk la.. alahai comelnya anak mummy ni..

Most children can do this
  • Turn the pages of a book - He can do this when he is 14months. I loves bought him books. dapat deduct tax.. :D

  • Have temper tantrums when frustrated - He loves to do this. Refer this entry
  • Becomes attached to a soft toy or other object - He too attached to me. Im not soft toy nor object but izzit consider to this skill?
Half of children can do this:
  • Discovers joys of climbing - My house has no stairs but he loves to climb the stairs.
Ini tangga rumah atok
  • Stacks three bricks - So far never see this skills. I think i need to buy Amirul megablock.
  • Learn the correct way to use common objects (eg: telephone) - "Hello iyang ader" immediately he will put telephone at his ear. Imitation.

A few children can do:
  • Takes off one piece of clothing by himself - He still need my help to take off his clothes.
  • Get fussy about foods - This one no. He eat what i ate. and sometimes really worry me. i scared he will get fat..
  • Switches from two daytime sleep to one. - Sometimes, however currently he is. At ibu's house he skip his two daytime sleep.
Others Amirul's skills & developments which im proud of it.
  • He can eat himself (either using hand or spoon. however still practicing to be expert in spoon)
  • He like to willy his push car.. (not a good attitude Amirul)
  • He can be instructed and understand my instructions like;take your shoes, take off your shoes/sock, take your milk, kiss/hug mummy. Bestnya tp Amirul blum sebut proper word.. just ma. maybe too early for that.
  • He loves to brush his teeth. Actually i think he loves the toothpaste flavor..

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