Thursday, June 25, 2009

Desperate Housewife Fever

Its all started bcoz of Mr Hubby. He likes to watch Desperate Housewife. Aper la yayang ni tgk citer Desperate housewife, ni cter tuk pempuan la. This conversation when i have no idea what this Desperate Housewife all about. I thought its only TV showed about women seducing men, gaduh2 tarik rambut among women yg berebut lelaki.. and nothing more than that.Furthermore, their showed is 1030pm. Quite late to wait for the show.. But last year Mr Hubby gave me Desperate Housewife DVD. Original set.. wahhh he is truly a big fan of Desperate Housewife. Then i am addicted to this TV series.

Desperate Housewife is about a group of women live at Wisteria Lane which have their own storyline.Season one was started Oct 3, 2004 and now its already 5years. 6 seasons within 5years with dramatic, romantic,mysteries, crimes, secrecy hidden behind the doors of their beautiful and seemingly perfect suburban neighborhood and revelation of the neighborhood's secrecy.

Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer is one of the leading characters of the show. Susan's occupation is a teacher's assistant at her son's school and a former children's book illustrator. She has a son,Maynard "M.J" James Delfino with Mike Delfino and Julie Alexandra Mayer with Karl Mayer (ex-husband).

Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo is a Marketing Director,former Vice President, accounts at Parcher & Murphy Advertising, Pizzeria Co-owner and Manager and most of all she is a Housewife with 3 sons & 2 daughters & twin.

Marcia Cross as Bree Van de Kamp is recognized for her perfectionist attitude and work ethic, which at times borders on neurosis and obsessive compulsion. She married to Orson Hodge, a dentist.

Eva Longoria as Gabrielle Solis is a self-absorbed, spoiled, vain, shallow, rude, and sarcastic. Despite this, she loves her husband and children deeply, and cares a great deal for her friends. She is socialite,housewife First Lady of Fairview when she married to Victor Lang, model, make-up assistant and beauty pageant coach.

Nicollette Sheridan as Edie Britt was introduced in the premiere of the series as an adulterous housewife, who has had many relationships with other woman's husbands.

And not forgetting Brenda Strong who narrates the series from beyond the grave as the deceased Mary Alice Young, appearing sporadically in flashbacks or dreams.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bandung Trip - Day 3

Day 3

Our activities for today is SHOPPING. Morning session was @ Pasar Baru and afternoon session was Factory Outlets.

Pasar Baru in Pasir Kaliki is so synonym with Bandung and recommended place to shopping in Bandung. A place where you can find textiles,clothes, food, jewelery stores and bag counters. There, you can bargain. Macam2 ada.. Mmg bleh rambang mata. Ikutkan hati semua pn nk beli. :D

I just spent half a day there. If my mother-in-law, she would spent here from 10am - 10am and would came back again the next day. She really spent a lot of money here and she would buy everthing here from textiles to foods. My story is different, i just spent half day there and bought things only in the list. No window shopping or eye-seeing. Just bought things that i should buy. Mmg xpuas, geram pn ader sbb xder window shopping. Bukan aper,I just feel pity at Amirul and Mr Hubby. Its a boring place for man actually. But its my lucky day bcoz Amirul sleep when we reached Pasar Baru until we finished bought our things. Kalu tak, mmg tak shopping la. Ramai nya orang. tak sanggup dok lamer2 kt situ.

The only photo taken @ Pasar Baru

After morning session at Pasar Baru, we went back, having lunch and rest. Then we made a move to Rumah Mode,located at Jl Setiabudi and next to Natural, Donatello. We only managed to shop at Rumah Mode bcoz its heavy rainy and we were using angkot for our transport. We were stuck at Rumah Mode and decided just to go back and drop by Burmese Street to buy pirated DVD before go home. Its really cheep and have multi movies to choice. My Hubby spent Rp138 ooo (RM38++) for TV series and movies. Even tho its pirated DVD, but the picture is good..

Rumah Mode - waiting rain to stop.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Amirul 16 months old milestones

8 Jun 09 Amirul turn to 16months old. Times passed so fast without notice. What his skills and developments for this month???? Yup actually I'm waiting to see it and really enjoy the moments.

When he 1st help me takes off his shirt, i'm so excited because less bathing preparation. When he first imitated me talking to the telephone, one again i felt so excited meaning he grown up already. Now he also understand few of my instructions even tho its quite surprising me. And he loves to sulk.. tak dapat merajuk.. tegur skit merajuk. sume merajuk la.. alahai comelnya anak mummy ni..

Most children can do this
  • Turn the pages of a book - He can do this when he is 14months. I loves bought him books. dapat deduct tax.. :D

  • Have temper tantrums when frustrated - He loves to do this. Refer this entry
  • Becomes attached to a soft toy or other object - He too attached to me. Im not soft toy nor object but izzit consider to this skill?
Half of children can do this:
  • Discovers joys of climbing - My house has no stairs but he loves to climb the stairs.
Ini tangga rumah atok
  • Stacks three bricks - So far never see this skills. I think i need to buy Amirul megablock.
  • Learn the correct way to use common objects (eg: telephone) - "Hello iyang ader" immediately he will put telephone at his ear. Imitation.

A few children can do:
  • Takes off one piece of clothing by himself - He still need my help to take off his clothes.
  • Get fussy about foods - This one no. He eat what i ate. and sometimes really worry me. i scared he will get fat..
  • Switches from two daytime sleep to one. - Sometimes, however currently he is. At ibu's house he skip his two daytime sleep.
Others Amirul's skills & developments which im proud of it.
  • He can eat himself (either using hand or spoon. however still practicing to be expert in spoon)
  • He like to willy his push car.. (not a good attitude Amirul)
  • He can be instructed and understand my instructions like;take your shoes, take off your shoes/sock, take your milk, kiss/hug mummy. Bestnya tp Amirul blum sebut proper word.. just ma. maybe too early for that.
  • He loves to brush his teeth. Actually i think he loves the toothpaste flavor..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bandung Trip - Day 2

Day 2

Today we had a very pack activities. Plenty of places we were planned but i dont know whether can make it or not. Here our tentative for 2nd day:
  • Tangkuban Perahu
  • Rumah Sosis & Rumah Tahu
  • Rumah Stoberi
  • Factory Outlet Jl Riau Sneak Preview
and here what happened:

Tangkuban Perahu @ Bandung.
The road to this famous active volcano is really killing me. Macam ular.. bengkang-bengkok, jln pn pecah2.. Ya Allah jln di Msia is 10x better. Headache and feeling like vomiting.. and felt like riding horse..goshhh.. However there also a very nice road and only at big houses area. Here, we can see a big gap between rich and poor people. Rich people live at nice area with big house and poor people live in small house and if in Malaysia more like to squatter.

OTW to Tangkuban Perahu. Big houses area.

Scenery @ Tangkuban Perahu .

Last time,when my hubby came here(+-20yrs ago) the larva was red and can see the volcano ashes. And he said its quite scary, that the only things he remembered. Up on this mountain, dingin sejuk nyaman. Best sgt. If M'sia, felt like Cameroon Highland.

Us @ Tangkuban Perahu

Hawkers following the tourist

There plenty of shops selling wooden arts, T-shirts, souveniers. etc But be careful because the prize offer is super duper higher and if they knew you are foreigner, lagi mahal harganya. And dont forget to the hawker, they will insist you to buy and followed until you bought their sell items. Memang annoying but, what to do, too many hawkers and they competing each other.So better dont buy and said u dont want. If you really want to buy, just buy 'Tangkuban Perahu' T-shirt. I managed to buy Rp 22500 (RM6.20). untuk kenang-kenangan.

Break for Lunch. We ate at Ampera

Rumah Sosis

I spent Rp 250 000 (RM69).. Giler kan.. Hanya tuk beli sosis.. Actually , they said the sausage is really tasty, that y i just took n put inside shopping basket and bler nk bayar.. ayoyo.. Rp 200+++.. Sungguh giler.. But satisfied sbb mmg sedap sgt.. really terasa kesedapannya. I bought 2 pax beef with cheese sausage, 2 pax blackpapper sausage,and original sausage. Really really delicious..

Rumah Stoberi,Lembang, Bandung

Quite frustrating because we cannot pick the strawberry.. We need to eat there for Rp 100000/4pax lunch buffet, then we will entitle for strawberry picking. We already had our lunch at Ampera, so how can we eat again. If we knew this earlier we will straight came to Rumah Stroberi and enjoy the foods plus self picking the strawberry. How nice this would be. Rumah Stroberi is a nice place to visit and the landscape also decorated neatly. So green and peaceful. We just took photos and went back home. OTW to Rumah Stroberi, you will see taman bunga di tepi2 jalan.. cantiknya..

OTW balik me and Amirul sleep. Tentatively we supposed to go Factory Outlet at Jl Riau. Unfortunately without informing me, Tante Tarti went to Cipedas to find the shop selling Silk Clothing. Arrrggg maner bleh, aku dh planned nk pg Factory Outlet. Dah pegi Cipedas mesti tak sempat pegi.. Aku yg chartered this car, so please followed my instructions.. eeeiiii geramnya. But respect to warga tua please huda.. i just followed her and i still insisted her went to Factory Outlet.. Huhuhuh.. Akhirnya 8pm we reached Factory Outlet Jl Riau. This on sneak preview, because on thursday, we were came back here for real shopping.

End of our 2nd day activities. Tired bcoz we actually lost. Camner la jd Pak Supir tp xtau jln.. ini Pak Supir is recommended by Tante Tarti and we paid him almost Rp400 000 (RM110).. Sungguh tak berbaloi.. Basically, we still keep track meaning we went to all places that planned earlier.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MOBS & ALICE WONDERS : Giveaway Contest - Win a bag of your choice!

"Me need a bag because I DON"T HAVE AN APPROPRIATE BAG FOR OUTING, I DUMP ALL MY BELONGING INTO MY BABY'S BAG" . Is this strong enough for me to win MOBS & Alice Wonders: Giveaway Contest - Win a bag of you choice!!

Contest period : From 16 - 23 Jun 2009
Organizer & Sponsor : MOBS joint venture with Alice Wonders
Grand prize:
A bag of winner's choice (any bag available for sale on the website) + 1 Free designer PurseHook with velvet pouch worth RM20 each
Consolation Prize:Designer PurseHook with velvet purse worth RM 20 each for 5 winners.

Currently this is what i wearing for outing.. Baby bag a.k.a outing bag. Actually its a convenience bag which have a big space for Amirul diapers and milk. However, tak cantik and stylish. Cam bag student pegi kuliah lak rase. On top of that, i just dump all the things into the bag. Sometimes, susah bler nk amik barang. Kelam kabut jadinya if suddenly handphone ringing.

This is how i look like with my all-in-one bag.

There is multiple of bags to choose at Alice Rambang mata dibuatnya. Below is my choice.

Tamak kan.. But its true, you can't resist if all the good and quality bag were put in front of you. Cantik, affordable, dan berkualiti. Saper xnk.

And the blue color ones is my ultimate desire.. 2-in-1 bag. One can be my bag ,another one can be baby bag.. sungguh bergaya kan if i'm wearing this. I can imagine that.. :D

How i wish that Wallaby Blue Bag-In-A-Bag Tote is mine. Made from high quality of faux patent leather and consist of two bags. Smaller bag (Joey) that can be used as a separate bag. In A4 size, which i think perfect for my office bag or outing bag. Beside Joey, Mother Wallaby is clasp cross with single compartment with 3 inner pockets really suitable for baby bag. Easy for me to grab Amirul's things.

So everybody, hurry there still plenty of time to enter this contest.. Good Luck yea !!!

Bandung Trip - Day 1st

Day 1st - (08/06/09)

'AirAsia - Everybody can Fly'. Yes everybody can fly but sure delay one.. huhuh. Our flight been delayed almost 1 1/2 hours. Our precious time just wasted like that, the sooner we reached Bandung, the better chance of shopping will be.. Furthermore, i've planned shopping at Factory Outlet already.Why delay?? Technical problem or their time management is not good. Whatever it is we landed safely at Bandara Husin Antarabangsa, Bandung 0330, Malaysian time and our baggage been detained by immigration due to suspicious of Amirul's milk. Mereka ingat itu ganja..aper la.. For info Bandung is minus 1hrs from Malaysia.

Patience face

Lil Amirul almost sleep.. actually was sleeping while waiting our flight

At last.. Bandung here we come ...

We stayed at my MIL's friend house, Tante Tarti. Her house at Jl SetiaBudhi.

Our room. Comfortable, nice and important thing is FOC

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Here I am

Here i am.. Malaysia tercinta.. huhuh.. I just came back from Bandung. A tired holiday ever but still manage to update at 0315am.. Zzzzzz

Monday, June 8, 2009

5 days of internet-less

I'll be away start from today (Monday) to Friday. 5 days of internet-less..

Friday, June 5, 2009

Daddy's Little Boy

Last Saturday, we went to One Utama, after attending a wedding at Selayang. We went there purposely for Body Shop sale and Ipod touch hunting. But why One Utama?? I also have no idea, maybe we seldom go there and One Utama is on our way to go back home..This Ipod touch actually Mr Hubby 26th birthday present. Lucky him to have me as his wife.. wakakkakak.

While waiting for transaction to finish, i just brought Amirul to PC kiosk area. He so excited. He took the mouse and moved the cursor. Nanti daddy belikan computer tuk Amirul. Besides laptop/computer,he loves gadget; u name it- laptop ( i gave him my dysfunction laptop abs dier nya keyboard hilang, handphone, camera, tv remote, daddy's pda, aper2 je la..) I can see his excitement eveytime i give him gadget and he operating it well .meaning dier xjatuhkan. sonok yea Amirul..

He just like my hubby, who loves gadget so much. Maybe a future IT Enginner. Who know????? This can be his early exposure to computer. My hubby is not IT personnel, he is in finance line.. However likes to explore cyberspace, jauh kan different IT and finance.. huhuh

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Safety Tips When Refuelling Your Car

This morning, i went to petrol station to pump the petrol into my car. Normally i will pump myself eventho Amirul is with me. I'll bring him to the cashier to pay the fuel, put him back at his car seat and start re-fueling work. While waiting the re-fueling to finish, i usually play with him, to make him occupied with something, at least he do not get bored even for 10 minutes.

However today, i did not do as usually. I asked pump attendance to do it because not much people at the station and there is pump attendance available to help this mummy. And without realize i did not shut off the car engine. Ya Allah, why do i being so careless and my annoyance may danger to both of us. I just noticed that i'm not shutting off the engine when re-fueling is finished. Patut la sejuk jer kan.. rupenya air-cond is runnning.. I want to start the car, and.. argggggg i DID NOT shut off the engine. I may blown up or caught in fire.. Nasib baik nothing happen..

This is a avoidable and preventable incident that may occur if our negligence take place. Our part in accident prevention involves following a few simple rules whenever we close to a petrol pump or other source of fuel. The first two rules are also the law.
  • Don't smoke within three metres (10 feet) of a petrol pump.
  • Don't leave your vehicle engine running when refueling.
  • Don't allow children to play around pump islands - or to hold or activate the pump nozzle.
  • Use only approved containers to carry fuel.
  • Do not use handphone
  • Treat all fuels with respect. Store them in approved. containers, in clean, well-ventilated places.
  • Handle them with great care and use them only as motor fuel.
This article also give some info about safety guidelines when re-fuelling petrol car and here is HSE message given by SHELL Co. Hope this article give some awareness to out of us.

Nintendo Wii and iPod Nano Giveaway! Happy Birthday CPF!

Christian Personal Finance is now 2years old. In conjunction with their 2nd birthday,they are giving away Nintendo Wii and Ipod Nano (8G). What a big gift for us the reader.Its so easy to win Nintendo Wii,all you have to do is;
  1. Mention these giveaways on your website
  2. Come back to their post and leave a comment with the URL of where you mentioned it and
    below Nintendo is all yours.

And to win Ipod Nano (8G), you just need to tell your Twitter friends about the giveaway in order to be entered.

And few more things to be reminded:

* You can enter to win both.
* Winners will be picked using
* Check back on Friday June 5th. They will announce the winners on that day!
* Make sure that you make mention of it and comment on their post with the link by Thursday June 4th at 11:59pm CST.

Good Luck everybody.. Hurry 1 more day to go.. !!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Amirul dah pandai MERAJUK.. !!!!!

'Amirul dah pandai merajuk'. Email received from daddy this morning.. Yes actually he is. Headache mummy dibuat nya if his run into tantarums... argggg. Article from BabyCentre explains more about 15 months old toddler tantarum. Click here for more detail. Below is Amirul's in sulking mode.

. video
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