Sunday, May 24, 2009

Johnson Baby Powder Jom Main Family Day

Last week i received an email from my colleague regarding Johnson Baby Powder Jom Main Family Day. Its looked good and great for me as Amirul started to like this kind of activities. With the foods and refreshment plus activities and prizes to be won, i think this is the one that shouldn't be miss out. Unlucky me, hubby have outstation work at PD and no one seem can accompany me.. Hubby also not allow me going to this kind of place alone with Amirul, he afraid Amirul change to lil monster afterward.. huhuh

Luckily my SIL dgn paksa relanya want to acocmpany me and Amirul. Tapi ntah kenapa Amirul langsung tak interested to play. Pegi infaltable bouncing area, dier nangis, kid challenge area nangis.. Adoi huru hara dibuatnya.Mummy lak terlebih excited and Amirul lak keep crying to every games yg mummy singgah. Bukan aper, if we managed to get 4 stamps out of 6 activities, we will get free T-shirt. So aper lagi, mummy dengan bersungguhnya main2 la sambil dukung Amirul. And SIL bertindak as photographer of the day. Maybe sbb daddy(kawan main die) xder, that y dier cam xinterested nak main. End of the day, Mummy yg penat and berpeluh2 sbb main2 sambil dukung Amirul yang agak berat and managed to get the free Johnson T-shirt for Amirul.

So after almost 3 1/2hrs spent at Johnson's Family day, as a treat for SIL, kiterog jln2 kt Amcorp Mall. Last time when i came here, i did not explore the whole shops and places kat sini. Rupenya Amcorp Mall ni agak best. Banyak boutique, kiosk, Baby's shop, book stall and every weekend ader flea market. wahh so many shop lots yang menarik and must ajak yayang dtg sini again. After lunch Amirul sleep, and i took this opportunity tuk window shopping and almost every shop kt Amcorp Mall aku singgah.. memang syok.. Tanpa disedari jam dh 330pm and Amirul tibe2 terjaga. So i think its time for us to go back.. Enjoy the photo taken during Johnson's Family Day.

Playing Kite

Mummy please, i dont want to play..
Lunch Time.. Habis makan..

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  1. sedihnye..huhu. daddy kene g kursus.muah.muah..syg huda


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