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Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer

Amirul had been 'attacked' by sore throat and mouth ulcer again. If im not mistaken, less than 2 month Amirul had this problem. I can say its quite serious as Amirul do not drink and eat. He lost his weight during his 1st 'attacked'. He cant swallow and i feel pity to him and his mouth so watery. Last nite, he cried and woke up bcoz he feel so pain to swallow. I think he is complaining actually..This is my assumption and i think its true as i can see he hardly swallow.. Pity Amirul..

I went to see the doctor twice at the same day. First around 10pm.. and 2nd one around 3am in the morning. Can you imagine Amirul keep crying almost 1/2hrs, that why i brought him to the clinic immediately. So confirm he has mouth ulcer and sore throat. According to doctor, its not serious;meaning not a big spot of ulcer only small spot BUT few areas. His both cheek, tongue and lelangit..Cian nya Amirul

1st question come out; why this thing happened at the 1st place i asked doctor; Doctor answer; his BOTTLE maybe not properly clean or he mouthing. I did sterilize his bottle but not frequent and i did using conventional style.I just put the feeding bottles in my periuk filled with water and then boil it for half-an-hour.I also need to stay there in the kitchen till the sterilization was complete. And please imagine how long do i need to wait as Amirul have 10 bottles. Its really need a patience and i think this is the time for me to by bottle sterilizer. Actually my BIL did asked me to sterilize feeding bottle every week at least and yes i did that when Amirul 1st month until 10months old. dan akhirnya aku malas dgn alasan Amirul dah besar.. Rupernya sterilize thingy should be continuing until Amirul stop bottle feed..

As usually before buying anything, i will do some research and this forum have give me some ideas about bottle sterilizer. At least i know there is few brand available in the market. But the question now, which brand is good quality and not pricey. There are also website selling online like LittleWhiz , and etc. Ok its time for me to choose.... ?????? I think i'll go with Little Bean : Sterilizer & Warmer Combo Pack. Anyone have experience with this sterilizer?? do share please.

Pigeon Bottle Sterilizer


  1. Hi.. I'm a mom of 5mths baby girl. I always wanted to buy the sterilizer, but both my mom & hubby said no.. (too pricey i guess). So, I end up doing the same thing, first I boiled..but later I steam with periuk steamer lah (follow mil), but I had 2 bottles already kemik... isk.. those r newly bought bottles.

    Before, my baby girl also had 1 round ulcer on her "lelangit"? I tot it bcuz of the hot temp milk.. Now after reading yr post, I know what happened.

    So, have you bought the sterilizer yet? I am looking for one too, was considering the Little Bean - cute & cheap. But, after reading reviews on, I'm back at nothing.

    Appreciate if you could help me out.


  2. Hai Manja

    I'm using Little Bean - Sterilizer & warmer combo now. Its cheap and worth every cent i've spent. I bought RM159(20%)during promotion at Manjaku shop.

    I very satisfied with this sterilizer. its only takes me 8minutes to sterilize Amirul's bottle and 6bottles at once. Its really can save my time compare to conventional style.

    You can read my review here.


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