Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BabyIbu Giveaway:

Studies say toys is good for baby and toddler.. So i thinking of having new toy for Amirul. Amirul now dah 15months. According to , there is few choices that i can choose like ; push and pull toys, sorting and nesting toys, ride-on vehicels, picture books,and large and small block. Since hari ni agak free, apa kata kalu aku baca blog2 yg best or window shopping or online shopping. Bagus jugak ni sbb mummy memang nk cari toys baru for Amirul.. Bertuah jd anak 1st ni.. Sume dapat brg baru.. huhuh..

Then, tengah2 browsing, terjumper website ni.. bestnyer.. sume toys yg recommended by Baby Centre ade.
Push and pull type

Sorting and nesting

Picture Book

Small and large block

except for ride on vehicles.. tp xper la sbb most of the recommended toys ada.. Bestnyer.. Besides all above mention toys, LeanaLittleShop ader jual puzzle mat, play mat/gym,

dan yang paling penting storage box. Baru nampak organize skit.

All in one shop.. maner nak cr kl tak kt Memang convenient and mudah. Bleh la tunjuk kt daddy Amirul, mintak finance approval then shopping... ok bookmark LeanaLittleShop.

Dh lama tak bace blog BabyIbu.. Ari tue BabyIbu ader mention nk organize giveaway. Lor BabyIbu ader wat BabyIbu Giveraway: rupernyer... nak try la..mner tau dpt.. and yg bestnyer disponsor oleh LeanaLittleShop... Memang elok sgt la ni. bestnyer kalu menang. Hadiah ??? Tadaaaa....

Hadiah lak di pilih ramdomly.. sesaper pn bleh jg winner. Even though both pn not so suitable tuk Amirul, tp xper.. bleh kasik adik Amirul or kasik hadiah kt sesaper.. Tapi aper yg penting.. Amirul suka


  1. salam..jengah blog...uniknya nama kambingbujang..hehe..kita pun dah masuk contest gak..seronok baca cerita awak nie...


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