Monday, May 4, 2009

Cloth Diaper, Me & Amirul

After few attempt of using cloth diaper.. I started to love it and now looking for new type. Im thinking of buying All-in-One type cloth diaper. I had surveyed few website selling online and found few also promotion going on. To make easier for the beginner, their also website selling cloth diaper in package. You can choose your preferance and buy..

In conjunction with Mother Day Celebration, BabyShashaNMom are giving 10% discount on store wide. You just need to enter promo code: ILOVEMOM when you checkout at shopping cart. This promotion start from 01/05/09 - 10/05/09. While KasihkuSayangku giving warranty for their Cloth Diaper, please refer to their website for term & condittion apply.

What attract me the most is package deal from NiceClothDiaper and BabyShashanMom. Now im still in comparing and inquiry status.. but most probably i will choose BabyShashanMom.. rambang mata dibuatnyer sbb most of the diaper cantik2.. huhuh

ok.. lets talk about my cloth diaper experience. Currently i have 2 pcs of cloth diaper (navy green & yellow). Price wise also cheap because my friend who selling the cloth diaper is having promotion; rm100/3pcs including 6 microfiber inserts. So normally i just put on Amirul during nite time.. and surprisingly no leaking at all..But you have to put on the cloth diaper very carefully. If you wrongly wear it.. It will definately leaking. Just take note that im using 2 insert to maximize the absorption. Beside pee pee, i also have experience Amirul poo poo inside the cloth diaper. At first im shouting bcoz afraid it would be difficult to clean but its super duper easy to clean it. Just throw the poo poo into toilet bowl and wash by using paip getah .. senang... The fleece material really easy to wash and no poo poo stain.

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