Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer

Amirul had been 'attacked' by sore throat and mouth ulcer again. If im not mistaken, less than 2 month Amirul had this problem. I can say its quite serious as Amirul do not drink and eat. He lost his weight during his 1st 'attacked'. He cant swallow and i feel pity to him and his mouth so watery. Last nite, he cried and woke up bcoz he feel so pain to swallow. I think he is complaining actually..This is my assumption and i think its true as i can see he hardly swallow.. Pity Amirul..

I went to see the doctor twice at the same day. First around 10pm.. and 2nd one around 3am in the morning. Can you imagine Amirul keep crying almost 1/2hrs, that why i brought him to the clinic immediately. So confirm he has mouth ulcer and sore throat. According to doctor, its not serious;meaning not a big spot of ulcer only small spot BUT few areas. His both cheek, tongue and lelangit..Cian nya Amirul

1st question come out; why this thing happened at the 1st place i asked doctor; Doctor answer; his BOTTLE maybe not properly clean or he mouthing. I did sterilize his bottle but not frequent and i did using conventional style.I just put the feeding bottles in my periuk filled with water and then boil it for half-an-hour.I also need to stay there in the kitchen till the sterilization was complete. And please imagine how long do i need to wait as Amirul have 10 bottles. Its really need a patience and i think this is the time for me to by bottle sterilizer. Actually my BIL did asked me to sterilize feeding bottle every week at least and yes i did that when Amirul 1st month until 10months old. dan akhirnya aku malas dgn alasan Amirul dah besar.. Rupernya sterilize thingy should be continuing until Amirul stop bottle feed..

As usually before buying anything, i will do some research and this forum have give me some ideas about bottle sterilizer. At least i know there is few brand available in the market. But the question now, which brand is good quality and not pricey. There are also website selling online like LittleWhiz , and etc. Ok its time for me to choose.... ?????? I think i'll go with Little Bean : Sterilizer & Warmer Combo Pack. Anyone have experience with this sterilizer?? do share please.

Pigeon Bottle Sterilizer

Friday, May 29, 2009

Cloth Diaper for Dummies - How to wash Cloth Diaper - Part 2

Referring to my previous entry, i did sharing how to wash dirty cloth diaper. Here are the photo taken to make thing clearer and hope can help the beginner and for those who still confuse how easy to handle dirty cloth diaper.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Amirul 15 months old milestones

Times passed so fast. Amirul now 15months.. All this while, i miss his skills and developments. 8months; he can crawling, 9 months; he has his 1st teeth, 11 months; his very 1st step.

According to BabyCentre MOST children can do below skills:
  • Plays with ball - Amirul 1st kick when he turn to 1year old. We brought him Masjid Putrajaya and let him played freely. Surprisingly dier suka main ball.

  • Vocabulary increase up to five words - Dada, Ma, Amirul need another 3 words to go.. In fact he talk a lot in his language.
  • Walks backward - yeaaa he likes this one..
While HALF of the children can do below skills:
  • Can draw a line - Its true that Amirul loves to write, so that i already bought him FisherPrice DoodlePro, even this toys is meant for 3 years old and above.. Melentur buluh biar la dari rebungnya.. :D

  • Runs well - Not so call well, but he run like nobody in front of him. Main langgar jer.. :D
  • Adopts ' No' as his favourite word - No.. No.. No...
And only a FEW children can do below skils:
  • Walks up stairs - Alhamdulillah he can, however with supervision. And he also manage to get down the stairs, but not all stairs. yang rendah jer.. :D
  • "Helps' around the house - Of course he like to 'help' me. Sweep the floor, throw the rubbish, but in the end - mummy need to finish his work
  • Puts his finger to mouth and say 'shhhhh' - not yet
So far his development really impress me and im so proud of him. muahhh luv u Amirul

Besides above mention skills, Amirul also like to imitate me. Today he did ironing. Wohooo very impressive. He really did exactly what i did.


Cloth Diaper for Dummies - How to wash Cloth Diaper

How to wash the Cloth Diaper

This is very important cause cloth diaper is reusable type, so we need to wash it in order to use it back. What is the best method to wash the cloth diaper?, Which detergent should i choose?, Do i need to sorting out cloth diaper before wash?, and what others info that i need to know regarding washing cloth diaper. All this kind of questions come out when i first time bought cloth diaper. And the best part, Hubby ckp' huda xksh ker washing cloth diaper ni early morning if Amirul berak.'and what i answered him' xper yayang, as long as dpt jimat, Amirul tak complaint, huda ok jer. sayang gak yayang kt huda ek.. takut huda penat yer'

What is the best method to wash cloth diaper. There is no best method how to wash cloth diaper but generally :
  1. Step 1

    Flush solid waste away. Some people use disposable liners inside cloth diapers to make this easier.

  2. Step 2

    Put diapers in a pail half-filled with a mixture of water and 1/4 cup of vinegar or Borax, to control odor and to make stain removal easier. If you will be washing them frequently, you can also put them in a dry pail.

  3. Step 3

    Soak diapers until you are ready to wash them, then drain excess liquid into the toilet. If necessary, use your spin cycle to help remove the soaking solution.

  4. Step 4

    Wash your diapers in hot water.

  5. Step 5

    Double-rinse in cold water ' add some vinegar to the second rinse cycle, to help freshen the diapers.

  6. Step 6

    Check for stubborn stains before putting the diapers in the dryer; if you catch them before they set, you will be able to remove them more easily.

  7. Step 7

    Dry the diapers on high heat in your dryer, or in direct sunlight if you like.

Above step is taken from eHow and here is my version of how to wash the cloth diaper:
  1. New Cloth Diaper need to be pre-wash first and how many times needed depend on the instructions. Normally the cloth diaper packages will include wash instructions and minimum is 1 times wash.
  2. I will put all the cloth diapers inside laundry bag and wash it.
Why do we need to pre-wash this cloth diaper? It is to increase the absorbency of cloth diapers.
  1. I will soak all dirty Cloth Diaper under running water and drain it to make sure all the excess water gone. After drain it, i just hang on my toilet sink and wait until its half dry. Then i just throw into dry pile and wait until 3 / 4 CDs in pile or when my dry pile full, then i will wash it. To save the electricity bill actually. huhuh
  2. When the washing day come, i just put all the dirty diaper inside laundry bag, put half cup of detergent and wash.
  3. Finished washing and hang it under direct sunlight. Easy.
This is how i wash my cloth diaper.. How about you???? Below is the few websites that i found which may help you and become reference regarding method of washing cloth diaper.

Diari Luna

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary

9months relationship ending with marriage



2 tahun sudah kiter kawin yayang. I love you and will always love you.

26 years ago, mama gave birth to you and 2 years ago we had married. The same day but in different hour.

Hope our marriage will be blessed and live happily ever after.. cam fairy tale lak.. :D

Tribute to Hubby

To the man who enjoy my food even tho its not tasty
To the man that become a shoulder to cry on
To the man who still smiling even tho i've being so annoying
To the man who scold me every times i make mistakes
To the man never say 'NO' to my every demands
To the man who gave me strepsil when i cough badly at nite
To the man who i become my bolster every nite and day
To the man that i love most

Happy Besday Yayang

What A Friend For ????

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Johnson Baby Powder Jom Main Family Day

Last week i received an email from my colleague regarding Johnson Baby Powder Jom Main Family Day. Its looked good and great for me as Amirul started to like this kind of activities. With the foods and refreshment plus activities and prizes to be won, i think this is the one that shouldn't be miss out. Unlucky me, hubby have outstation work at PD and no one seem can accompany me.. Hubby also not allow me going to this kind of place alone with Amirul, he afraid Amirul change to lil monster afterward.. huhuh

Luckily my SIL dgn paksa relanya want to acocmpany me and Amirul. Tapi ntah kenapa Amirul langsung tak interested to play. Pegi infaltable bouncing area, dier nangis, kid challenge area nangis.. Adoi huru hara dibuatnya.Mummy lak terlebih excited and Amirul lak keep crying to every games yg mummy singgah. Bukan aper, if we managed to get 4 stamps out of 6 activities, we will get free T-shirt. So aper lagi, mummy dengan bersungguhnya main2 la sambil dukung Amirul. And SIL bertindak as photographer of the day. Maybe sbb daddy(kawan main die) xder, that y dier cam xinterested nak main. End of the day, Mummy yg penat and berpeluh2 sbb main2 sambil dukung Amirul yang agak berat and managed to get the free Johnson T-shirt for Amirul.

So after almost 3 1/2hrs spent at Johnson's Family day, as a treat for SIL, kiterog jln2 kt Amcorp Mall. Last time when i came here, i did not explore the whole shops and places kat sini. Rupenya Amcorp Mall ni agak best. Banyak boutique, kiosk, Baby's shop, book stall and every weekend ader flea market. wahh so many shop lots yang menarik and must ajak yayang dtg sini again. After lunch Amirul sleep, and i took this opportunity tuk window shopping and almost every shop kt Amcorp Mall aku singgah.. memang syok.. Tanpa disedari jam dh 330pm and Amirul tibe2 terjaga. So i think its time for us to go back.. Enjoy the photo taken during Johnson's Family Day.

Playing Kite

Mummy please, i dont want to play..
Lunch Time.. Habis makan..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Family Day Out @ MegaKidz,MidValley

On Saturday, we went to Mid Valley, purposely for attending e-KIDZ program. We reached Mid Valley at 3.30pm and lucky i managed to get the parking bay within 10minute. Sharp 5pm, here we are at MegaKidz. Please be inform that sock is required everytimes in play area.

Amirul was still sleeping when we reached registration counter, he keep yawning and shouting when we woke him up. Still in sleep mode. Daddy is more excited, after seen huge and interesting playstation, i so eager too but, this place is meant for KIDZ not adult. I repeat daddy.. for KIDZ only, adult only accompany them.

Amirul prefer to play at below 3 years old play area however daddy brought him to giant sliding and air bouncer area.. So exciting, tiring, and exhausting.. Me, daddy and Amirul really enjoy the moment and will come back again.

I'm think of going Genting.. Roller coaster, space shot, swing2 and many more .. wahhh syoknyer kalu dpt pegi and really love space shot.. i penah naik space shot twice sbb syok sgt... huhuh

Enjoy the photo and video taken. We really have fun and exhausted.. Balik terus TIDO

Thursday, May 14, 2009

ShooShoos and Robeez Giveaways for Bloggers@TLC - Amirul 1st birthday

Amirul turned to 1year old on 8 Feb 08. There is no party being organize since we do not have much budget on that. However we have 2 small celebrations to celebrate Amirul's birthday; one among family members another one just the 3 of us.

First small party is more like family gathering. We had BBQ and cake cutting.
The second one is just the 3 of us. We had dinner at Chillis Mid Valley a day before his birthday and the the cake cutting ceremony is on 8th Feb 09..
Amirul is so happy even tho he seem did not understand what going on..

In the afternoon we played ball at Masjid Putrajaya. End of the day everybody was happy and tired

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BabyIbu Giveaway:

Studies say toys is good for baby and toddler.. So i thinking of having new toy for Amirul. Amirul now dah 15months. According to , there is few choices that i can choose like ; push and pull toys, sorting and nesting toys, ride-on vehicels, picture books,and large and small block. Since hari ni agak free, apa kata kalu aku baca blog2 yg best or window shopping or online shopping. Bagus jugak ni sbb mummy memang nk cari toys baru for Amirul.. Bertuah jd anak 1st ni.. Sume dapat brg baru.. huhuh..

Then, tengah2 browsing, terjumper website ni.. bestnyer.. sume toys yg recommended by Baby Centre ade.
Push and pull type

Sorting and nesting

Picture Book

Small and large block

except for ride on vehicles.. tp xper la sbb most of the recommended toys ada.. Bestnyer.. Besides all above mention toys, LeanaLittleShop ader jual puzzle mat, play mat/gym,

dan yang paling penting storage box. Baru nampak organize skit.

All in one shop.. maner nak cr kl tak kt Memang convenient and mudah. Bleh la tunjuk kt daddy Amirul, mintak finance approval then shopping... ok bookmark LeanaLittleShop.

Dh lama tak bace blog BabyIbu.. Ari tue BabyIbu ader mention nk organize giveaway. Lor BabyIbu ader wat BabyIbu Giveraway: rupernyer... nak try la..mner tau dpt.. and yg bestnyer disponsor oleh LeanaLittleShop... Memang elok sgt la ni. bestnyer kalu menang. Hadiah ??? Tadaaaa....

Hadiah lak di pilih ramdomly.. sesaper pn bleh jg winner. Even though both pn not so suitable tuk Amirul, tp xper.. bleh kasik adik Amirul or kasik hadiah kt sesaper.. Tapi aper yg penting.. Amirul suka

Bonda's Day Contest @ SaraKids

Sempena hari Ibu, SaraKids ader organize essay contest. Ada 2 tajuk yang diberi and saya pilih tajuk' Pengalaman saya menjadi Ibu'. Below adalah essay yang saya submit. Kalu menang Alhamdulillah. Tak menang takper sbb seronok bler ingat blk experience 1st time jd mummy ni. For more info on the contest, please click below banner for details.

Pengalaman saya menjadi Ibu.. Tajuk essei sempena Hari Ibu yang dianjurkan oleh SaraKids.. Sesungguhnya ia merupakan pengalaman yang tidak dapat aku lupakan.

Tanggal 26 Mei 2007, aku melangsungkan perkahwinan dengan pilihan hatiku. Mujahid namanya. Selepas sebulan berkawin, aku disahkan hamil setelah lewat seminggu kedatangan haid. Suami adalah orang yang paling gembira setelah mendengar berita tentang kehamilanku.

Sepanjang kehamilan, aku tidak sekali pun mengalami alahan atau mengidam makanan yang pelik dan di akhir kehamilan berat badanku telah naik sebanyak 17kg.

Aku dijangka bersalin 26 Feb 08, tetapi yang sebaliknya telah berlaku. Malam 7 Feb 08 air ketubanku pecah. Suami menjadi panik dan aku pula kehairanan. 'Air aper pulak ni, xkan la aku kencing dalam seluar'..'Tue air ketuban huda la, huda dh nak beranak ni' suamiku panik. Kebetulan ibu mertuaku berada di Jakarta dan kakakku pulang ke kampung bercuti.

Terus suamiku membawaku ke hospital berdekatan. Bukaan servik ku adalah 4cm pada pukul 11mlm dan tidak berubah-ubah hingga pukul 12tengahari dimana aku terus dibawa ke bilik bersalin. Sepanjang 12 jam di dalam wad, aku mengalami kesakitan yang teramat dan hanya mampu menangis untuk mengurang kesakitan. Aku tidak dapat tidur dan sempat aku berbalas SMS dengan rakan ofis menyatakan yang aku sudah berada di hospital untuk bersalin. Suami pula tidak boleh menemaniku kerana polisi hospital tidak membenarkan. Dia setia menungguku di ruang legar hospital.Sepanjang malam aku tidak dapat melelapkan mataku sehingga lah jam 8pagi apabila suamiku datang melawatku. Alhamdulillah syukur rasa dapat melihat wajah suamiku biar pun perasaan sakit ku semakin menjadi-jadi. Suami menyuruh aku bersabar.

Sewaktu hidangan makan tengahari ku sampai,doctor bertugas melihat mukaku yang pucat terus memeriksa bukaan servik ku. Rupanya bukaan serviks ku adalah 8cm dan aku boleh bersalin bila-bila masa sahaja. Nurse dan doctor menjadi panik apatah lagi aku kerana semua terlalu pantas. Semalam aku berseronok di Sunway Pyramid dan hari ni aku mengalami kesakitan untuk bersalin. Tidak pernahku ku bayangkan rupakan sakit untuk bersalin adalah begitu perit. Beginikah kesakitan yang Mama alami sewaktu melahirkan aku. Mungkin tidak seperitku namun teringat cerita Mama kepadaku; yang Mama hampir melahirkan aku secara Ceaserean, namun Alhamdulillah aku lahir secara normal dan aku juga berharap bayi ku lahir secara normal.

Di bilik bersalin, nurse menunjuk cara pernafasan dan yang paling penting jangan panik nasihatnya. Apabila bukaakku 10cm, doctor menyuruh aku meneran namun disebabkan aku tidak bertenaga kerana tidak sempat lunch bercampur panik dan terlalu bergantung kepada antedote, aku hampir pitam. Apabila aku memberitahu yang pandanganku kabur, setiap orang di dalam bilik bersalin kelihatan 'double'. Masing-masing menjadi panik;nurse, doctor dan juga suamiku. Entah dari mana datangnya kekuatanku, akhirnya aku meneran dan bayiku selamat dilahirkan secara normal. Alhamdulillah 8 Feb 08,Amirul Arshad seberat 2.95kg lahir dengan selamat,sihat dan cukup sifatnya. Aku juga terus memberi susu badan kepada Amirul kerana ku tahu, kolestrum di dalam susu ku adalah yang terbaik buat Amirul. Kolestrum yang berwarna kuning pekat hanya selama 3hari dan susuku bertukar berwarana putih.

Maka bermula lah episod baru di dalam hidupku. Hari pertama berada dihospital, aku yang tidak pandai untuk menyusukan Amirul dan tidak pandai menukar diaper, menjadikan semua kelihatan kekok dan susah. Bila ku minta pertolongan nurse untuk menunjuk cara menukar diaper, aku pula ditengking nya kerana tidak tahu. Marah rasanya hati. ‘Marah bukan jalan penyelesaiannya.Kuatkan hati' bisik hatiku.

Sehari berada di rumah mertuaku, pembantu rumah behenti, kerana sangkanya dia terpaksa menjaga Amirul. Hari ke-2, Amirul disah juandis. Sekali lagi aku terpaksa ke hospital untuk Amirul mendapat rawatan. Sedih rasanya hati apabila melihat tubuh kecik Amirul dibiarkan tanpa baju hanya berdiaper dan bertutup mata. Penat bersalin belum lagi hilang kini terpaksa pula bersekam mata menjaga Amirul di hopsital kerana suami tidak dibenarkan tinggal dihospital. Teringat aku sewaktu aku demam campak, Mama bersekam mata manjagaku dan sambil tersengguk-sengguk meletak ubat di tempat yang gatal. Alangkah terharunya rasa hati. 3 hari di hospital, aku berpeluang belajar cara untuk menyusu badan secara betul dari nurse. Putingku juga pedih dan pernah berdarah, alangkah susahnya menjadi ibu detik hatiku. Mungkin mama tidak mengalami kesakitan ku ini, kerana aku adalah anak ke-3; hatiku berdetik.

Information dan brochure yang diberi oleh nurse sungguh berguna terutama aku yang sememangnya tidak berpengalaman ini. Antara sebab kenapa putingku pedih dan berdarah adalah disebabkan teknik penyusuan yang salah. Aku sepatutnya memastikan mulut Amirul terbuka luas dan bibirnya merangkumi bahagian aerola (bukannya terlipat ke bahagian dalam) dan putingku sepatutnya berada di bahagian lembut rahang atas mulut Amirul dan bukannya bahagian keras. Aku juga dinasihatkan supaya meminum susu dan memakan makananberkhasiat supaya susu yang diminum oleh Amirul penuh berkhasiat.

Sepanjang tempoh berpantang,susuku manjadi santapan Amirul.Alangkah bahagianya kerana dapat memberi yang terbaik untuk Amirul. Namun selepas tempoh pantang, akhirnya aku terpaksa kembali ke ofis dan Amirul diberi susu formula. Amirul hanya minum susu ku sewaktu dirumah. Bukan aku tidak memerah susu, namun keinginan Amirul untuk meminum terus dari ku menyebabkan susu yang diperah menjadi sia-sia. Selama 5 bulan aku menyusu Amirul dan akhirnya susuku kering disebabkan kurang permintaan dari Amirul. Amirul lebih gemar untuk minum susu dari botol kerana tidak perlu bekerja keras untuk menghisap. Tidak kira di tempat umum atau dimana sahaja, selagi aku berada disisi Amirul, susu ku akan menjadi makanan utama Amirul. Di LCCT, foodcourt, kedai perabut tanpa segan silu aku menyusu Amirul.

4 bulan kemudian, bahagian jahitan perineum ku sakit. Kadang-kadang ader kesan darah. Aku menjadi takut dan akhirnya aku telah menjalani rawatan di hospital walaupun perasaan malu menebal.Suami tetap menyokong segala keputusanku. Hasil dari pemeriksaan doktor begitu mengejutkan aku dan suami. Rupanya jahitan perineum ku ada masalah dan doktor mengesyorkan supaya aku melakukan pembedahan untuk membetulkan jahitanku.Tiba-tiba aku teringat sewaktu didalam kekaburan, aku terdengar nurse menyatakan dia tersalah jahit. Terdiam aku pada ketika itu dan terus setuju.Aduhai nasibku, adakah aku bernasib malang atau bernasib baik kerana diuji oleh Allah. Aku pasrah mungkin ini adalah takdirku.

Walaupun hanya 5bulan, tetapi ikatan yang terbentuk antara aku dan Amirul begitu kuat. Tidurnya hanya denganku walaupun suami yang mendodoinya tidur. Walaupun dimarahiku, tetap Amirul datang mencium dan memelukku tanda meminta maaf. Aku juga kini menjadi bantal peluk Amirul manakala tanganku pula menjadi bantalnya. Dikala aku penat dan stress disebabkan kerja di ofis, penat melakukan kerja rumah, penat melayan kerenah Amirul, namun semua itu hilang sekelip mata dek senyuman Amirul. Kini Amirul sudah berusia 15bulan, namun aku tetap merindui saat pertama kelahirannya dan sesungguhnya aku menghargai setiap detik bersama Amirul.

Setelah menjadi ibu,kini aku paham marahnya Mama kerana sayang kepadaku. Kasih sayang Mama tidak terbalas oleh ku, dan aku berdoa semoga Mama sentiasa sihat dan bahagia.

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