Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Driving Tips with Baby (Amirul)

Amirul 2months - 9 months

Amirul 9months - Present

Everyday, at 0730hrs, my routine is sending Amirul to his babysitter's house. 5minute drive from my house is a like normal drive, hassle free.. But when come to driving time from babysitter's house to my house.. Arkkk sometimes its become so horrible and disaster. Amirul jump into tantrum and do want ever he want..He cry .. he shouting all the way to home. 15 minutes enough to give me headache..

From new born to 9months.. Amirul using SweetCherry infant car seat sum carrier. This car seat muat sampai Amirul 9months only. He's feel uncomfortable inside the car seat and i changed to the new one.. Still using the same brand SweetCherry and look like he just so comfortable with it.. He even can sleep inside the car seat. :D

Tips for driving with baby which i found from various sources.

  • Ezine@rticle said
    "Place all the necessary things within your reach. This includes diapers, full feeding bottles, toys and other important things you may need to use at once. Organize them in such a way you can easily get them. This will avoid you to be disturbed in your driving which is very important for safety. However, be careful when you really need to pull over"
  • Allstate.Com said

    "Remember to check all the belts—and the seat itself—every once in a while to be sure it's still in as good of condition as you remember. Each time you strap your baby into the seat, take a few extra seconds to double-check that the straps are buckled right and aren't pinching your baby or rubbing against his or her tender skin"

  • said
    "Bring along a CD of her favourite lullabies. With any luck, she will be asleep before you hit the first toll booth."

And this is what i did:
  • Fast the seat belt once Amirul seat on car seat
  • Pull his musical mobile
  • Put his fave toys on dashboard. Easy to grab if he suddenly cry or shout
  • Singing toddlers song.. Amirul fave is Baba Black Sheet
  • Geletek his feet
  • Take his photo and after that show him
  • Standby milk for him

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