Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Conjunctivitis < Me and Amirul

Last 2 weeks, Amirul been infected by conjunctivitis / red-eye / pink-eye. Danish is the one who first been infected. Then spread to his family, Baby Sitter's family and last goes to Amirul. First appointment with doctor, he can’t ensure whether Amirul is infected by bacterial or viral or its just allergic. So he just gave normal eye drop and after 1st drop, Amirul' eye getting better. No more red eyes. So its mean Amirul’s eyes only allergic..

Unfortunately,Ibu’s children also have red-eyes. So once again Amirul'e eyes been infected. Within 2weeks.. dh bper kali mata Amirul merah and ok.. kire on off lani..erhmm. I can see redness in Amirul's white eye and found yellow discharge which crusts over his eyelashes cand become worst every time he wake up in the morning. He sometimes rubbed is eyes.. Pity Amirul.

Masuk 2nd weeks, myself lak yg infected with red-eyes.. Yet,i managed to go PC Fair at KL Convention Centre. I dont care, mata merah ker, mata berair ker, gatal mata ker ,need to wear sunglass mission to find new camera need to accomplish now or i need to wait until sept for another PC Fair.. arggg lama lg tue.. 4hours at KLCC my eyes cam empangan pecah. Watery but itu tidak menghalang aku for searching the new camera.. At last..


Back to red-eyes story thing... Amirul's eyes showed no improvement or recovering even almost 2weeks. His eyes keep on and off being red.. His white eyes also get red.. ayokkk.. and last night when daddy want to put eye drop into his eyes.. Amirul's eyes bleeding.. uwaaaaa... Amirul cried like been beatan and he cant open his eyes. Ya Allah.. Its really scared me to death.. One thing came across my mind.. Will Amirul get blind.. Daddy also scared. Can see through his face that he felt guilty and scared. So we immediately went to An-Nur and doctor confirm that Amirul's eyes have a thin layered which cause by viral. This layer need to be taken out.. Alamak.. scary nyer dgr explanation doctor nie.. Its ok with me.. Doc knows what he is doing. However,I really cant see what he is doing. Im scared.. Ok daddy accompany Amirul inside doc's room and i waited outside.. I can hear Amirul crying.. pity him.. For about 20mins this so called minor operation took place. But for me its like so loooong.. Doctor did mention that, Amirul eyes will get bleed and will be better immediately. Nothing to be worry.. erhmmm

After the operation, Amirul's eyes getting better even tho his eyes not totally recover from conjunctivitis.. But at least i can see the different.. Alhamdulillah.. Syukur..

To relieve symptoms of red-eyes, I'm wearing sunglasses. Doctor ckp, it can relieve pedih sensation, and practices proper hygiene. Be careful as conjunctivitis is contagious and easily spread to others.

This slide show i get from WebMd which clearly talking about red-eyes or pink-eyes or conjunctivitis.

Amirul yg truk sakit mata, Mummy lak yg dpt byk ubat..

Mata Mummy and MC

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