Monday, April 6, 2009

Amirul with His Sign Language

Now Amirul entering 13months. According to BabyCentre, he can articulate few words like "dada," "mama," and a few other recognisable words and he understand what we said. Besides his way of talking, he also have his own sign language in communicating his desire to me and hubby.

When he want to be hold, he will show hug sign, when he want to eat something (eg biscuit) he took biscuit container and gave me, when he dont want something, he will shake his head side to side.. (so cute).. huhuh.. and if he refuse to eat, he will shut his mouth tightly.

He try his best to attract mummy and daddy to talk with him.. Sometimes he just dancing in front of us, showing he in happy mode. He cried like being scolded and sometimes worst when things were taken away from his hand.When he heard phone ringing, he excitedly searching where is the ringing coming from. When we put into speaker mode, he busy searching for the person... and now everytime he see our phone, he definitely will place handphone at his ear.. wahhh Amirul is imitating us..

By his age, Amirul already understand when been instructed. Ini sudah bgus.. Sikit maser lagi bleh suruh Amirul do this and that.. huhuh..

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