Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Last 4days, my hubby went to Sungkai, Perak for Office Induction.. He will be away for 8days.. Gonna miss him a lot and yes i do.. everyday i cry.. Sob sob.. As instructed by hubby, i need to stay at MIL's house.. arggg.. His only reason is afraid something might happen at the middle of the night and at least there is elder one in the house, plus with my eyes condition (conjucvitis still no cure). As i am good wife so just be obidient with no objection. MIL is ok but her friend is annoying..

Plus annoying SIL.. arggg ..So home is where my heart is.. My home is the best.. Even tho no Astro or no maid but im happy with this small little house..


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Conjunctivitis < Me and Amirul

Last 2 weeks, Amirul been infected by conjunctivitis / red-eye / pink-eye. Danish is the one who first been infected. Then spread to his family, Baby Sitter's family and last goes to Amirul. First appointment with doctor, he can’t ensure whether Amirul is infected by bacterial or viral or its just allergic. So he just gave normal eye drop and after 1st drop, Amirul' eye getting better. No more red eyes. So its mean Amirul’s eyes only allergic..

Unfortunately,Ibu’s children also have red-eyes. So once again Amirul'e eyes been infected. Within 2weeks.. dh bper kali mata Amirul merah and ok.. kire on off lani..erhmm. I can see redness in Amirul's white eye and found yellow discharge which crusts over his eyelashes cand become worst every time he wake up in the morning. He sometimes rubbed is eyes.. Pity Amirul.

Masuk 2nd weeks, myself lak yg infected with red-eyes.. Yet,i managed to go PC Fair at KL Convention Centre. I dont care, mata merah ker, mata berair ker, gatal mata ker ,need to wear sunglass mission to find new camera need to accomplish now or i need to wait until sept for another PC Fair.. arggg lama lg tue.. 4hours at KLCC my eyes cam empangan pecah. Watery but itu tidak menghalang aku for searching the new camera.. At last..


Back to red-eyes story thing... Amirul's eyes showed no improvement or recovering even almost 2weeks. His eyes keep on and off being red.. His white eyes also get red.. ayokkk.. and last night when daddy want to put eye drop into his eyes.. Amirul's eyes bleeding.. uwaaaaa... Amirul cried like been beatan and he cant open his eyes. Ya Allah.. Its really scared me to death.. One thing came across my mind.. Will Amirul get blind.. Daddy also scared. Can see through his face that he felt guilty and scared. So we immediately went to An-Nur and doctor confirm that Amirul's eyes have a thin layered which cause by viral. This layer need to be taken out.. Alamak.. scary nyer dgr explanation doctor nie.. Its ok with me.. Doc knows what he is doing. However,I really cant see what he is doing. Im scared.. Ok daddy accompany Amirul inside doc's room and i waited outside.. I can hear Amirul crying.. pity him.. For about 20mins this so called minor operation took place. But for me its like so loooong.. Doctor did mention that, Amirul eyes will get bleed and will be better immediately. Nothing to be worry.. erhmmm

After the operation, Amirul's eyes getting better even tho his eyes not totally recover from conjunctivitis.. But at least i can see the different.. Alhamdulillah.. Syukur..

To relieve symptoms of red-eyes, I'm wearing sunglasses. Doctor ckp, it can relieve pedih sensation, and practices proper hygiene. Be careful as conjunctivitis is contagious and easily spread to others.

This slide show i get from WebMd which clearly talking about red-eyes or pink-eyes or conjunctivitis.

Amirul yg truk sakit mata, Mummy lak yg dpt byk ubat..

Mata Mummy and MC

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cloth Diaper for Dummies

Since im still new to this cloth diaper things, i actively do more studies on it. A lot of question come across my mind and below few FAQ about cloth diaper ???

How many type of cloth diaper in market???

There are few types of cloth diaper in the market such as pocket diaper, All In One, Hybrid,
Fitted, flat and pre-fold, diaper cover. Its depends on us, user to choose which type that we prefer.You can go here or here or here and they have specify in detail about type of cloth diaper. Actually there are plenty of website for us to choose in getting an idea what type of cloth diaper available.What I'm using is pocket type. I like this pocket type because like disposable type yet washable. Easy and comfortable for Amirul. If he poo poo also easy to wash. For the beginner like me.. i think pocket type is most suitable and easy and comfortable..

What type of insert are use for cloth diaper???

Insert are use inside pocket diaper to absorb the liquid (urine) from baby getting wet. They are made from various type of materials like microfiber , fleece, soft cotton and give convenient way not only stuff the diaper's pocket but also to adjust the absorbency needed.


Differ to insert, double is little thinner than insert and purposely made to double the absorbency of cloth diaper
. Doubler normally used for heavy wetter or during excursions or overnight. Some prefer to use doublers instead of extra insert.

However its all depend on the user which type you prefer.
I had found few type of insert; hemp insert, fleece insert, and few more types.. Im confusing now cause so any insert to be chosen. However, microfiber insert is my choice.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Web Design Professional Web Specialist RM 890

RM 890 package

RM 1990 package

I'm promoting my hubby new part time business. Since this is his part time job, so meeting and appointment only at nights, weekends, and public holiday. Below is the package offer :

Professional Website Designer Basic Edition: RM 890 (negotiable)

Professional website design service for
* small businesses
* corporate company
* personal website
* online shopping mall
* and others such as new logo design, job for website maintenance or repair, and renewal of domain.

What we deliver
* Specialist in Professional Design Concept for home page and site.
* Master Edition : We add on enhancement features on website.
* Free Web hosting and domain name.
* Facilitate 4-9 pages per website.
* Unlimited number of internal and external links.
* Unlimited text on each page.
* Five Days FULL EXPRESS Website Service Development.
* After sales services.

We insist you to arrange appointment with us:
* We provide the client to see through the catalog full of website design templates.
* We can discuss what's the best for your website.
* Negotiate price.
* To brief the client about the website development stages.

Contact us : What you need to do is asking PRICE QUOTATION by communicating with
email : / 017 615 5652

Picture for illustration purpose only

Driving Tips with Baby (Amirul)

Amirul 2months - 9 months

Amirul 9months - Present

Everyday, at 0730hrs, my routine is sending Amirul to his babysitter's house. 5minute drive from my house is a like normal drive, hassle free.. But when come to driving time from babysitter's house to my house.. Arkkk sometimes its become so horrible and disaster. Amirul jump into tantrum and do want ever he want..He cry .. he shouting all the way to home. 15 minutes enough to give me headache..

From new born to 9months.. Amirul using SweetCherry infant car seat sum carrier. This car seat muat sampai Amirul 9months only. He's feel uncomfortable inside the car seat and i changed to the new one.. Still using the same brand SweetCherry and look like he just so comfortable with it.. He even can sleep inside the car seat. :D

Tips for driving with baby which i found from various sources.

  • Ezine@rticle said
    "Place all the necessary things within your reach. This includes diapers, full feeding bottles, toys and other important things you may need to use at once. Organize them in such a way you can easily get them. This will avoid you to be disturbed in your driving which is very important for safety. However, be careful when you really need to pull over"
  • Allstate.Com said

    "Remember to check all the belts—and the seat itself—every once in a while to be sure it's still in as good of condition as you remember. Each time you strap your baby into the seat, take a few extra seconds to double-check that the straps are buckled right and aren't pinching your baby or rubbing against his or her tender skin"

  • said
    "Bring along a CD of her favourite lullabies. With any luck, she will be asleep before you hit the first toll booth."

And this is what i did:
  • Fast the seat belt once Amirul seat on car seat
  • Pull his musical mobile
  • Put his fave toys on dashboard. Easy to grab if he suddenly cry or shout
  • Singing toddlers song.. Amirul fave is Baba Black Sheet
  • Geletek his feet
  • Take his photo and after that show him
  • Standby milk for him

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cloth Diapers < Amirul

On my previous entry, i did mention about my alternative diaper. So far Im satisfied with it. Good quality, cheap and nice printed design.However, few weeks ago, one of my officemate has introduced me with cloth diaper. She also new in cloth diaper business and she will soon used to her newborn baby.

Actually, before using my alternative diaper, my SIL had recommended me with cloth diaper. Thus, cloth diaper is not a new thing for me, its just i do not have courage to use it. Most of the testimonial found,talking about the benefit of cloth diaper. Even though it is pricey for initial, but save a lot in the future as it is reusable type. I had made few researches about this so called environmental friendly and economical diaper.

I had found so many blogs and websites regarding cloth diaper, but this two blogs really inspire me with cloth diaper thing; MiaBambina and . MiaBabina and is my inspriration. Even TheStar newspaper talking about cloth diaper. Is this cloth diaper really good???

I need to try then i know whether is really good or its just rumour. Above is my 1st cloth diaper and Amirul will be my experimental. Harap2 xder la hangat2 taik ayam aku ni.. :D

Amirul with His Sign Language

Now Amirul entering 13months. According to BabyCentre, he can articulate few words like "dada," "mama," and a few other recognisable words and he understand what we said. Besides his way of talking, he also have his own sign language in communicating his desire to me and hubby.

When he want to be hold, he will show hug sign, when he want to eat something (eg biscuit) he took biscuit container and gave me, when he dont want something, he will shake his head side to side.. (so cute).. huhuh.. and if he refuse to eat, he will shut his mouth tightly.

He try his best to attract mummy and daddy to talk with him.. Sometimes he just dancing in front of us, showing he in happy mode. He cried like being scolded and sometimes worst when things were taken away from his hand.When he heard phone ringing, he excitedly searching where is the ringing coming from. When we put into speaker mode, he busy searching for the person... and now everytime he see our phone, he definitely will place handphone at his ear.. wahhh Amirul is imitating us..

By his age, Amirul already understand when been instructed. Ini sudah bgus.. Sikit maser lagi bleh suruh Amirul do this and that.. huhuh..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

- No BOSS Mode -

My head of department had given 24 hours notice. Last Thursday, is his last day.. Arkkk he is resigning from his position.. Yeaaa.. (bad staff) and once again i have no boss.. Am i that bad, dah dua kali tukar bos.. :D

End of month.. No Boss. Outstanding assignments..Reports to be submitted..
This is how my table look like..

0830am.. Table already mess with documents / files

Wait afternoon and 1730pm..


Mess everywhere..

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