Sunday, March 22, 2009

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon < Tabuk < 1000D

Today (22/03/09) i went to Putrajaya Hot air balloon . We reached Precinct 2, Putrajaya adjacent to the ‘Monumen Alaf Baru’ around 1815pm and a lot of visitors. Everybody came here to watched 1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009. This 3 days fiesta started on friday. Yea , its a fiesta bcoz there's other activities going on before the departure of the hot air balloon. The balloon only fly twice a day, 0745am and 1730pm. In between of that,there is funfair & carnival for children, automotive shows - honda, proton,and food bazaar.Para motor showcase is going on,by the time we reached there. We had fun eventho the crowd is everywhere.

Just reached Monumen Alaf Baru

Para-motor show

Multiple shaped and sized of balloon from various of countries participating in this fiesta. During my time, i can see orange-shaped from Belgium, pink-elephant-head-shaped and clown-shaped balloon. Since this is my 1st time, ie and Amirul quite excited .But i need to hold Amirul almost 1/2 hrs as tabuk bz capturing the balloon departure moment with his Canon 1000D. Unfortunately, he forgot to bring his 55-200mm. So the picture not so clear.. Aper la yayang ni..Folding 10.8kg Amirul make my excitement lessen.My hand numb.. argggg.. BTW Putrajaya atmosphere full with beautiful colour and shape of balloons. Bestttt...

Waiting the balloon to fly

Peacock & Pink-Elephant-Head-Shaped Balloon

Orange-Shaped Balloon

Activity after watched all the balloon fly - played ball. Amirul gaduh ngn gal-gal..berebut ball.. ayokkk jgn gaduh ngn gal-gal la Amirul.. malu...

Berebut ball

"Saya punye la"

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  1. macam menarik je kat sana.. rugi la tak pegi..

    salam dari Mummy Zara =)


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