Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sore Throat and Southwest Monsoon

Due to earth condition which i think is hard to foreseen the current weather, everybody get sick. Like my office mate, one after another got sick.. Its seem like every week at least one staff on medical leave..Reason, variety. Not feeling well, baby sick, hubby sick, and once one of the family member got sick, the whole family will get sick.. Other reason, heavy rain, this is famous among motorcyclist..and bla..bla.. bla.. erhmm.. Why is this happening?? Sick?? Lazy??

Now is March, Malaysia should be in Northeast Monsoon which mean produce heavy rains which often cause severe floods along the east coast states of Kelantan, Trengganu, Pahang and East Johor in Peninsular Malaysia, and in the state of Sarawak in East Malaysia. While May - Sept is Southwest Monsoon which mean west coast states of Peninsular Malaysia and western parts of Sarawak will experience dry season.

Its late of March meaning Malaysia still in Northeast Monsoon but why my location Selangor specifically Kajang,sunny in the morning, hot with low humidity in the afternoon and heavy rain in the evening.. So this uncertain weather bring no luck to me.. i fell sick almost 1 week, sore throat, headache, cough, flu.. i can feel the pain every time i swallowed. and kepala berdenyut2... adusss naper yea..

Yesterday, i was running from my parking bay to my office building and the weather is raining, yet its 0800am. So i meredah hujan without umbrella protection.. The consequent, i got terrible headache. Kembang kecut kepala ni.. I woke up this morning felt uncomfortable and dizzy, additional to that, my throat also felt sangat la pedih..arggg

I think the current weather really effect my health. Morning the weather is sunny but sometimes, 0800am already hot.. Afternoon around 1200pm,, the weather really hot like no other cares. panas terik and pedih... petang around 1800.. hujan.. and hujan yg tersangat lebat.. This current weather really effected me. I had seen the doctor twice, 1st doctor, sdo not ease my sore throat at all.. arggg geramnyer doctor ni..tipu betul la.. The cost of the medicine plus consultation is RM 38. Nasib baik panel clinic.. Then i went to see another doctor, this one cost me RM 91. arkkk lagi mahal.. However, the medicine really work on me. After two days.. i can swallow easily, its really ease my sore throat.. Alhamdullillah,, im recovering now..Yeaaaa bleh makan ice cream..nyumm..nyumm

Note: This website really help me to foreseen our weather. Sedia payung sebelum hujan.. :D

Below it my medicine and throat supplement.

Some of the medicine dah habis makan

Throat Supplement

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