Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Alternative Diaper

Due to recession problem, things goes up & down. u name it: groceries, foods, etc.. no things has decrease the price but they keep going up and reach beyond the normal price ( i think so) same goes to diaper. the MUST item for below-2-year-old baby. bcoz its too early for potty training.

i had tried so many brand of diapers in the market. mamypoko, huggies, fitty 360, drypers, pureen, pet pet, fitty basic, pampers, etc. but due to pricey factor, i need and have to look alternative diaper which some of my fren had tried and recommended me with cloth diaper.

cloth diaper is good , back to old time when we dont have diapers , we were using napkin. but im prefer to buy disposable type. since i ni suke window shopping thru online.. terjumper la Wanita Melayu website which selling varity of product including imported diapers.

and i had tried few of the diapers and to me its consider acceptable.. cheap and the quality is there. you can find few agent selling this imported diaper. you can visit Ibuanis, Ardina2u, Kedai Diapers bayi & Ibu Sofea
, and many more.

What actually Imported Diaper????

there are two type of diaper. type A & type B.

type A diapers is originally pack at their origin country. they also sold out at their origin country as well as exported to other country including malaysia.. lulus QC from the origin company and mmg cam barangan imported yg lain.. cthnya : Huggies Taiwan

type B diaper ni normally tak full fill QC origin country and normally if ader one diaper yg direject to that production line.. the whole line akan direject dan dijual to the imported agent.

before im using this diaper, i had bought sample pack from the agent.. mmg mula2 xcaya gak ngn quality dier..yela, dh la brand tak pnh dgr.. quality pn ntah ok ntah tidak.. however, the best part is, diaper ni ader macam2 design, cantik2 lak tue... cute sgt.. kalu kt malaysia ni, mamypoko & fitty 360 jer yg i think design dier cntk.. yg lain pn cntk gak.. tapi xder la cntk sgt.. :D after using the sample, i think their quality is consider acceptable and comparable ngn aper yg ader kt market.. harga pn much more cheaper than the market price. i kan suke bnda murah, cntk and good quality.. saper yg xsuka.. :D aper lg i think this can be my alternate option for diaper.

This is what im using

This is my opnion.. what u say, is ur opinion.. mayb some of u had tried this diaper may share ur experience here. :D

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