Thursday, March 19, 2009

Amirul @ Zoo Negara

Last monday, we went to Zoo Negara.. This is my 3nd time there and 1st time to Amirul as well to Acu Mimi.. 1st time when i was 10 year old, 2nd time when i was 22 year old and this is the 3rd time.. wahhh. However, evrytime i went to the Zoo, there must be changes. Last time, bleh naik gajah and now no more. Now everything had to be paid. Entrance fee pn dh increase from rm10 tp rm15 for adult. Children rm 6. For zoo information pamplate they charged rm2. Izzit bcoz recession or upgraded job had been carried out. OK we look and see.

KakLong,Alif (inside stroller),Kakak,Abah,AcuMimi,Me,Ma,Amirul,Angah

Its only 4 hours visit. We reached there around 10 am and go back around 2pm.. Its bcoz abah not feeling well.. He had heavy cough and felt uncomfortable. We had seen multi-animal show.. This is our 1st time, so the excitement was different. There were parrot and sealion shows. Excitement can be seen through Amirul face.. huhu.. Amirul jgn jd jakun ok.. The parrot show were interesting cause they were teached to pick money from the audience at the instruction of its trainer. The money will goes to their donation fund. Berhibur sambil menderma.. Bagus2

waiting the show to start. Acu behave

sealion show

Then we had a nice and enjoyable cruise using new tram which also need to be paid. Adult rm 3, children rm2.Last time, free and the train also old type one.. gerabak panjang so amik maser skit tuk pusing2 the whole zoo.. Since tram pn dh pendek, so within 15mins dh siap satu zoo.. mmg xpuas pn.. tp xper at least we had explore the whole zoo.. Our train most alike to kindergarten train, sebab my niece+ nephew+ Acu Mimi and Amirul too excited.. " Mama tgk ader lion la, Achik ader giraffe la.. Achik tgk hippo la ..ader ini la..ader itue la.. adoii bikin penin la.."

Posing after naik tram

After cruise the whole zoo, we rest and walk for a while. Unfortunately, its rain, so we had to go back.. Eventho they still want to look around, tp considered to abah condition everybody decide to go back..

Everyone enjoyed the trip..

Our photo before went back.. Hope will have another family day out.. Cheers

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