Thursday, March 12, 2009

Amirul & His Sleep Pattern

After Amirul had started walking, his sleeping pattern had changed. Since he is 11 month, he seldom take his afternoon nap and keep exploring here and there.. one side, its good , as i can start cook for diner as early as 730pm and have more time to do internet surfing or reading mags or watching TV or berangan2.. but when thinking back again.. my time with him had lessen and this is something i dont want to happen.. i missed played with him, laughed with him and my hubby sometimes tak sempat nk main2 ngn amirul, bcoz dier dh sleep by the time he reached home..

Look how's he sleeping.. cam keje berat seharian. yes he is.. main2.. panjat2.. huhuh

Maybe he got tired during day time.. yeala his babysitter ckp dier main2, panjat2, he just so excited with his new skill + development and wanted to show off to everybody that he knows how to walk and keep practicing sampai 'terlupa' nk tido petang. That why he sleep early at nite sampai i rase rindunyer nk main ngn dier.. He sometimes almost fall asleep when i fetch him.. erhmmm

According to BabyCentre, Amirul still needs as much sleep as he did when he was younger. Until his second birthday, he should get between 13 and 14 hours of sleep a day, 11 of those hours at night. The rest he'll get in naps. He'll probably still need two naps at 12 months, but by the time he's 18 months old, he may be ready for a single hour-and-a-half to two-hour nap in the afternoon - a pattern he may follow until he's four or five. The transition from two naps to one can be difficult; some experts recommend alternating one-nap and two-nap days, depending on how much sleep he got the night before.

In the middle of the nite or after 2 or 3 hours sleep, amirul suddenly crying, merengek2.. calling me.. like something went wrong. ingat dier nak milk, after gave him milk kejap OK..kejap tak OK.. adoi.. naper ek amirul jd camtue.. so according to BabyCentre again ( its a good website for mummy & baby) :
Night waking can be caused by not napping, changes in routines, or being overstimulated during the day. Nightmares and night-time fears can result in disrupted sleep. Toddlers who snore or breathe through their mouths when asleep (both symptoms of sleep apneoa), or have inconsistent sleep schedules - going to bed too late or napping at the wrong times - are more likely to wake up in the middle of the night than their peers. In addition, discomfort caused by feverear infection can keep your toddler from sleeping soundly.
So in Amirul case, i think due to his lack of afternoon nap and napping at wrong times ( i mean 6pm br nk afternoon nap).. or maybe he had nightmare.

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  1. I strong agree with you, amirul needs a lot of sleep and he sleeping it develop body and brain growth..


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