Thursday, March 26, 2009 & Amirul

I had found this informative website about parenting, babies & toddlers. You also can upload your little ones photo at photo gallery corner. I also had send Amirul photo..
Enjoy their website !!!.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sore Throat and Southwest Monsoon

Due to earth condition which i think is hard to foreseen the current weather, everybody get sick. Like my office mate, one after another got sick.. Its seem like every week at least one staff on medical leave..Reason, variety. Not feeling well, baby sick, hubby sick, and once one of the family member got sick, the whole family will get sick.. Other reason, heavy rain, this is famous among motorcyclist..and bla..bla.. bla.. erhmm.. Why is this happening?? Sick?? Lazy??

Now is March, Malaysia should be in Northeast Monsoon which mean produce heavy rains which often cause severe floods along the east coast states of Kelantan, Trengganu, Pahang and East Johor in Peninsular Malaysia, and in the state of Sarawak in East Malaysia. While May - Sept is Southwest Monsoon which mean west coast states of Peninsular Malaysia and western parts of Sarawak will experience dry season.

Its late of March meaning Malaysia still in Northeast Monsoon but why my location Selangor specifically Kajang,sunny in the morning, hot with low humidity in the afternoon and heavy rain in the evening.. So this uncertain weather bring no luck to me.. i fell sick almost 1 week, sore throat, headache, cough, flu.. i can feel the pain every time i swallowed. and kepala berdenyut2... adusss naper yea..

Yesterday, i was running from my parking bay to my office building and the weather is raining, yet its 0800am. So i meredah hujan without umbrella protection.. The consequent, i got terrible headache. Kembang kecut kepala ni.. I woke up this morning felt uncomfortable and dizzy, additional to that, my throat also felt sangat la pedih..arggg

I think the current weather really effect my health. Morning the weather is sunny but sometimes, 0800am already hot.. Afternoon around 1200pm,, the weather really hot like no other cares. panas terik and pedih... petang around 1800.. hujan.. and hujan yg tersangat lebat.. This current weather really effected me. I had seen the doctor twice, 1st doctor, sdo not ease my sore throat at all.. arggg geramnyer doctor ni..tipu betul la.. The cost of the medicine plus consultation is RM 38. Nasib baik panel clinic.. Then i went to see another doctor, this one cost me RM 91. arkkk lagi mahal.. However, the medicine really work on me. After two days.. i can swallow easily, its really ease my sore throat.. Alhamdullillah,, im recovering now..Yeaaaa bleh makan ice cream..nyumm..nyumm

Note: This website really help me to foreseen our weather. Sedia payung sebelum hujan.. :D

Below it my medicine and throat supplement.

Some of the medicine dah habis makan

Throat Supplement

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yasmin & Me

What did you do to control your pregnancy. What i did is taking daily contraceptive pill. At 1st i've introduced Marvelon given by public health clinic. However i did not take this pill as i can see the side effect to my sister. She getting fat and i dont want to be FAT..

After few month research done, i found this super effective pill. YASMIN.. And after seek an advise from my O&G doc, she recommended me with Yasmin. Yes its worked well for me. I can control my pregnancy as well as maintaining my weight. So far, I think Yasmin is most expensive contraceptive pill at the market, rm48/pax (consist 21 pcs). The price is range rm 48 – rm58, depend on the clinic/pharmacy. I bought Yasmin at Pusat Rawatan Islam Az-Zahrah


Yasmin work by intervening our normal menstrual cycle. Sex hormones changing throughout the month, Estrogen cause an egg to be release from the ovaries and prepare the lining of the womb for possible pregnancy. If the egg has not been fertilized at the end of the month, estrogen levels will fall and causing the womb lining to be shed as a monthly period.

I take one Yasmin on daily basis and without fail. Normally I take this pill before I go to sleep and if I missed taking this pill, I just throw away and then continue take the pills, one every day, as normal. I’ve been taking this pill for almost 9months and so far, there is no severe side effect symptoms happened on me. Only Amirul stop breastfeeding when he was 5month old. This is due to hormones in the pill had reduce my milk production. Pity Amirul early weaning.. erhmmm. Sorry Amirul, mummy need the protection.. :D

Maybe some of my friend claims they having severe headache, nausea, and dizzy. I just advise them to seek the doctor bcoz Yasmin is hormonal pill. Maybe Yasmin is not suitable for them.. BTW You can find more Yasmin info at WebMD, .etc.

Monday, March 23, 2009

MumCentreMalaysia < Amirul

Previous entry i had mentioned that Amirul had won Picture of the Week @ MumCentre. After 3 weeks of waiting what is the mysterious gift yesterday i received RM10 TheBabyLoft voucher. Yeaaa.. free voucher.. Nk beli aper yea.. :D

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon < Tabuk < 1000D

Today (22/03/09) i went to Putrajaya Hot air balloon . We reached Precinct 2, Putrajaya adjacent to the ‘Monumen Alaf Baru’ around 1815pm and a lot of visitors. Everybody came here to watched 1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009. This 3 days fiesta started on friday. Yea , its a fiesta bcoz there's other activities going on before the departure of the hot air balloon. The balloon only fly twice a day, 0745am and 1730pm. In between of that,there is funfair & carnival for children, automotive shows - honda, proton,and food bazaar.Para motor showcase is going on,by the time we reached there. We had fun eventho the crowd is everywhere.

Just reached Monumen Alaf Baru

Para-motor show

Multiple shaped and sized of balloon from various of countries participating in this fiesta. During my time, i can see orange-shaped from Belgium, pink-elephant-head-shaped and clown-shaped balloon. Since this is my 1st time, ie and Amirul quite excited .But i need to hold Amirul almost 1/2 hrs as tabuk bz capturing the balloon departure moment with his Canon 1000D. Unfortunately, he forgot to bring his 55-200mm. So the picture not so clear.. Aper la yayang ni..Folding 10.8kg Amirul make my excitement lessen.My hand numb.. argggg.. BTW Putrajaya atmosphere full with beautiful colour and shape of balloons. Bestttt...

Waiting the balloon to fly

Peacock & Pink-Elephant-Head-Shaped Balloon

Orange-Shaped Balloon

Activity after watched all the balloon fly - played ball. Amirul gaduh ngn gal-gal..berebut ball.. ayokkk jgn gaduh ngn gal-gal la Amirul.. malu...

Berebut ball

"Saya punye la"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Amirul @ Zoo Negara

Last monday, we went to Zoo Negara.. This is my 3nd time there and 1st time to Amirul as well to Acu Mimi.. 1st time when i was 10 year old, 2nd time when i was 22 year old and this is the 3rd time.. wahhh. However, evrytime i went to the Zoo, there must be changes. Last time, bleh naik gajah and now no more. Now everything had to be paid. Entrance fee pn dh increase from rm10 tp rm15 for adult. Children rm 6. For zoo information pamplate they charged rm2. Izzit bcoz recession or upgraded job had been carried out. OK we look and see.

KakLong,Alif (inside stroller),Kakak,Abah,AcuMimi,Me,Ma,Amirul,Angah

Its only 4 hours visit. We reached there around 10 am and go back around 2pm.. Its bcoz abah not feeling well.. He had heavy cough and felt uncomfortable. We had seen multi-animal show.. This is our 1st time, so the excitement was different. There were parrot and sealion shows. Excitement can be seen through Amirul face.. huhu.. Amirul jgn jd jakun ok.. The parrot show were interesting cause they were teached to pick money from the audience at the instruction of its trainer. The money will goes to their donation fund. Berhibur sambil menderma.. Bagus2

waiting the show to start. Acu behave

sealion show

Then we had a nice and enjoyable cruise using new tram which also need to be paid. Adult rm 3, children rm2.Last time, free and the train also old type one.. gerabak panjang so amik maser skit tuk pusing2 the whole zoo.. Since tram pn dh pendek, so within 15mins dh siap satu zoo.. mmg xpuas pn.. tp xper at least we had explore the whole zoo.. Our train most alike to kindergarten train, sebab my niece+ nephew+ Acu Mimi and Amirul too excited.. " Mama tgk ader lion la, Achik ader giraffe la.. Achik tgk hippo la ..ader ini la..ader itue la.. adoii bikin penin la.."

Posing after naik tram

After cruise the whole zoo, we rest and walk for a while. Unfortunately, its rain, so we had to go back.. Eventho they still want to look around, tp considered to abah condition everybody decide to go back..

Everyone enjoyed the trip..

Our photo before went back.. Hope will have another family day out.. Cheers

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Family Day Out

15/03/09 (Sunday)

Morning - Went to Uncle Zainal's House at Resah Kemayan, N9. He is abah niece's son.His house damn big.. jakun lak aku tgk umh deir..huhu.

Afternoon - Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson, N9.

We lost to find the place..Its should be PD area, but why do we need to go through melaka as well. Maybe we actually make one big round before reach the real PD area.. argggg..The beach is like morib,xder la cntk tue pantai malawi, bachok kelantan.. mmg jauh beza. its low tide by the time we reached there...adussss..malang sungguh rasenyer..preparation tuk picnic kemain lg...sob..sob..

Our swimming plan had to be cancelled .. aper lagi makan time.. then abah cakap. " kemain jauh dtg sini nak makan jer.." huhuh . what to do abah, its beyond our control, if we could forseen the situation, we didnt come here at the first place.

However.. we still have fun especially Amirul.This is his 1st time experiencing sandy beach and beach air and hot weather. Amirul try to built up sand castle. No castle been constructed and Amirul body cover with sand. I let him free, do whatever he want but under supervision. SAFETY 1st

Amirul's cousin, kakak aisyah, angah, acu mimi and alif iman also joined him doing sand castle.

Disebabkan xleh mandi kt pantai tanjung tuan, so mandi swimming pool suda.. huhu.. pergi Precint 9, Putrajaya. Yea at last bleh mandi

End of the today activity.. TIRED .

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Arrival of Ma, Abah, Shamimi

After 12 hours journey through train, 8am ma abah shamimi reached KL.. we went to fetch them at kajang comuter station and as usuall they bring a lot of things. 1 big lugage, 1 box full of foods (ikan kering, kerepek, keropok,) 1 bag full of foods (tuk sepanjang journey from kltn - kl), nebulizer bag (abah ader asthma).. that y they refuse to take flight instead.. Air asia kn charge mahal kalu exessive lugage. bkn excess dh ni, i think bleh senget flight kl camgini la sume passenger.. huhu

after fetched them, all the family member gather at my house, KakLong's family, Abg Mat, Ma, Abah, Acu Mimi and My sweet family.. crowded abs umh aku yang kecik comel ni.. after breakfast and chit chat for awhile, KakLong & Abg mat blk dulu.Actually dorang xmandi lg. mum called informing them, that already they reached kajang, then trus jer datang..mmg xsempat nk mandi..alasan.. actually tido bayak.. huhuh

a lot of activities had been planned for this week. they will be here for week and Zoo Negara is a must place.. tomorrow going to PD.. mandi time.. im plaining going to Taman Desa Water Park, Melaka, Pasar Tani Shah Alam. there a lot of places yg aku suggested.. tp sempat ker within 1 week ni..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Amirul & His Safety Gate

Now Amirul like to explore my small kitchen.. took my kitchen appliances, batu lesung..main tumbuk2.. ingat nk buat sambal belacan ker.. i know ur daddy like to eat sambal belacan, but what happen if alu lesung tue fall on your toe nail...aduss.. mummy gak yang salah

So i think of buying safety gate and make a great wall between my kitchen and dining area. Safety 1st even at kitchen.. i think its the best solution bcoz any plugs inside my house is not a prob. Amirul knows that is FORBIDDEN area. So nothing to afraid of.. i had teached and showed him our so called forbidden area.. All the plug areas, ironing area, toilet, are forbidden area, the rest of the house is hazard free.. he wont touch.. he knows if he touch, i will scold him or cubit jari dier.. or jentik until he's crying.. (pity amirul) so now im trying to teach him that kitchen as well is forbidden area.. tapi susah la.. sbb kitchen area besar.. so many things he can touch and played with.. so the best and practicle solution is SAFETY GATE..

i had surveyed few safety gate in the market and roughly the price is rm150++ and to me its quite expensive.. so im looking for 2nd hand if any. Found one at Little Precious Store, and after bargained session, i managed to buy the Safety 1st brand safety gate with RM95 including postage.. its a worth bargain ..

Above safety gate is extandable, re-installation is fast and simple.Pressure-mounted and hardware free which allow me to mobilize easily. But be aware we as adult, climbing over stairgates can lead to accidents. So be careful. Beside of our baby safety, we also have to take care of our safety.. Safety First.. :D

Safety Gate separate us..sob..sob

Mummy.. pity me

dont want to fren with mummy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Amirul & His Sleep Pattern

After Amirul had started walking, his sleeping pattern had changed. Since he is 11 month, he seldom take his afternoon nap and keep exploring here and there.. one side, its good , as i can start cook for diner as early as 730pm and have more time to do internet surfing or reading mags or watching TV or berangan2.. but when thinking back again.. my time with him had lessen and this is something i dont want to happen.. i missed played with him, laughed with him and my hubby sometimes tak sempat nk main2 ngn amirul, bcoz dier dh sleep by the time he reached home..

Look how's he sleeping.. cam keje berat seharian. yes he is.. main2.. panjat2.. huhuh

Maybe he got tired during day time.. yeala his babysitter ckp dier main2, panjat2, he just so excited with his new skill + development and wanted to show off to everybody that he knows how to walk and keep practicing sampai 'terlupa' nk tido petang. That why he sleep early at nite sampai i rase rindunyer nk main ngn dier.. He sometimes almost fall asleep when i fetch him.. erhmmm

According to BabyCentre, Amirul still needs as much sleep as he did when he was younger. Until his second birthday, he should get between 13 and 14 hours of sleep a day, 11 of those hours at night. The rest he'll get in naps. He'll probably still need two naps at 12 months, but by the time he's 18 months old, he may be ready for a single hour-and-a-half to two-hour nap in the afternoon - a pattern he may follow until he's four or five. The transition from two naps to one can be difficult; some experts recommend alternating one-nap and two-nap days, depending on how much sleep he got the night before.

In the middle of the nite or after 2 or 3 hours sleep, amirul suddenly crying, merengek2.. calling me.. like something went wrong. ingat dier nak milk, after gave him milk kejap OK..kejap tak OK.. adoi.. naper ek amirul jd camtue.. so according to BabyCentre again ( its a good website for mummy & baby) :
Night waking can be caused by not napping, changes in routines, or being overstimulated during the day. Nightmares and night-time fears can result in disrupted sleep. Toddlers who snore or breathe through their mouths when asleep (both symptoms of sleep apneoa), or have inconsistent sleep schedules - going to bed too late or napping at the wrong times - are more likely to wake up in the middle of the night than their peers. In addition, discomfort caused by feverear infection can keep your toddler from sleeping soundly.
So in Amirul case, i think due to his lack of afternoon nap and napping at wrong times ( i mean 6pm br nk afternoon nap).. or maybe he had nightmare.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tabuk & His Bonanzle Shop

Now my hubby had opened new branch of his online shop at Bonanzle. This is his alternative online shop beside of his Ebay. At Ebay,the power of seller is been reduce, the insertion and final value fee is quite high and not competitive , inconvinience in term of paypal , feedback issues, and bias to buyer. This is what my dearie hubby felt. dier rase tertindas and him as a seller felt this is unfair.. so he must find a solution which he bump into this bonanzle website.

At bonanzle, they provide free online store - manage to store up to maximum limit of 10K items. beside that, they also have real time chatting which mean buyer & seller can chatting face to face.. wahhh ini sudah bgus.. cam beli barang kt kedai lak.. :P .. they also have bonanza day - ala2 J-Card days. one day sale yg kaw2 nyer.. as well as rebate coupon.. for more info on user agreement, you can visit their website.

Tabuk list of items selling :
  • Wooden Crafts
  • Clay Cratfs
  • Mini Replica
  • Wayang Golek
Do visit his Bonanzle Shop.

My Alternative Diaper

Due to recession problem, things goes up & down. u name it: groceries, foods, etc.. no things has decrease the price but they keep going up and reach beyond the normal price ( i think so) same goes to diaper. the MUST item for below-2-year-old baby. bcoz its too early for potty training.

i had tried so many brand of diapers in the market. mamypoko, huggies, fitty 360, drypers, pureen, pet pet, fitty basic, pampers, etc. but due to pricey factor, i need and have to look alternative diaper which some of my fren had tried and recommended me with cloth diaper.

cloth diaper is good , back to old time when we dont have diapers , we were using napkin. but im prefer to buy disposable type. since i ni suke window shopping thru online.. terjumper la Wanita Melayu website which selling varity of product including imported diapers.

and i had tried few of the diapers and to me its consider acceptable.. cheap and the quality is there. you can find few agent selling this imported diaper. you can visit Ibuanis, Ardina2u, Kedai Diapers bayi & Ibu Sofea
, and many more.

What actually Imported Diaper????

there are two type of diaper. type A & type B.

type A diapers is originally pack at their origin country. they also sold out at their origin country as well as exported to other country including malaysia.. lulus QC from the origin company and mmg cam barangan imported yg lain.. cthnya : Huggies Taiwan

type B diaper ni normally tak full fill QC origin country and normally if ader one diaper yg direject to that production line.. the whole line akan direject dan dijual to the imported agent.

before im using this diaper, i had bought sample pack from the agent.. mmg mula2 xcaya gak ngn quality dier..yela, dh la brand tak pnh dgr.. quality pn ntah ok ntah tidak.. however, the best part is, diaper ni ader macam2 design, cantik2 lak tue... cute sgt.. kalu kt malaysia ni, mamypoko & fitty 360 jer yg i think design dier cntk.. yg lain pn cntk gak.. tapi xder la cntk sgt.. :D after using the sample, i think their quality is consider acceptable and comparable ngn aper yg ader kt market.. harga pn much more cheaper than the market price. i kan suke bnda murah, cntk and good quality.. saper yg xsuka.. :D aper lg i think this can be my alternate option for diaper.

This is what im using

This is my opnion.. what u say, is ur opinion.. mayb some of u had tried this diaper may share ur experience here. :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blog & Win

Ever since my hubby is doing online business, i also like to buy baby & mummy items through online.. out of sudden, aku terjumper this website. The which i think they had provide variety of baby & mummy products. the best part is they have Pre-loved@Bargain section which we can sell & buy items at their website and they only charge 10% of the selling price! This is good news to everyone since ekonomi semakin lama semakin jatuh.... and aku memang suke barang2 murah & cantik & berkualiti..

Beside of selling baby & mummy products, they also have a Blog Giveaway/ Contest category. which mean ader lagi contest yang bleh aku enter dengan harapan dapat la menang :P. tapi this time bentuk contest different from my other contest, sbb kna blog and win.. doesnt matter what type of contest let me try my luck this time.. maner tau menang.. boleh pegi Phuket/ Bali.. tak pn Langkawi.. syok gak jalan2 free ni

Macam-Macam Amirul

Amirul from day 1 to 13 months.. time went so fast..without notice Amirul is already 13months. i miss the moment where i breastfed him.. cuddle him.. feel like crying when recalled back those sweet sweet memories.. Amirul, Mummy loves and will always love U. Big hug and kisese to u

Amirul 1st year

11 years

10 month - chiken pox

9 months

8 months

7 months

6 months

5 months

4 months

3 months

2 month

Day 1
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